Introducing… Coming into the Priesthood to Engage God This week on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval, we have Todd Weatherly back on the show! Todd Weatherly talks about people asking the wrong question: How
Visit us at! At BRIDE Ministries we are now hosting semi-annual conferences. This past spring, the BRIDE Tribe Advance, which was the name of our conference, was absolutely incredible. People experience breakthrough, deliverance,
Download Now Hope is back on Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval! As an Illuminati defector, she is a reservoir of radical information that has left many speechless. In her first three interviews, she
Download Now Are you familiar with the term “human persecutor”? Perhaps you’ve heard of the term “soul tie”. Daniel Duval provides some insight into the depths of these terms, including how they are related,
Download Now Discussing complex ideas and intricate spiritual concepts is no strange thing here at BRIDE Ministries. In today’s episode, Daniel Duval will help provide some answers to your questions about ways to practically
Download Now The Fire Place Church is the weekly ministry service offered by BRIDE Ministries at After every service we have live internet based moderated discussion groups. One of our moderators, Todd, will