Shaking Nations and Societal Systems with Dan Duval

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Visit us at! This week on Discovering Truth, Dan Duval takes the driver’s seat and goes solo on the subject of shaking nations. In this intense monologue, Dan Duval breaks down why we need to drop the escapist mentality and get on board with God’s terraforming agenda. Many people are locked out of their destinies because they do not possess the context for the calling they have been given and they are out of sync with the frequency of heaven. Dan Duval presents scriptural validity to the season we are in and offers a coupon code for the “Kingdom of God and the End Times” course at the BRIDE Ministries Institute. You will not want to miss this episode!

1 thought on “Shaking Nations and Societal Systems with Dan Duval”

  1. From my personal experience, i ordered all courses except that one because after 40+ years in the church i was burned out on hearing all the opposing views of what the end times would be like: pre-trib, mid- trib, post- trib….none of that helped me survive my life not knowing i had .D.I.D.

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