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Join us LIVE every Sunday at 7 pm CST. At the BRIDE Ministries Church, we have created an online platform that fosters genuine community. Hangout with real people and get the opportunity to interact with Dan Duval weekly during this live event. At BRIDE Ministries Church, you will receive cutting edge teaching while also getting the opportunity to ask questions and get answers.


About the Church

BRIDE Ministries Church is a powerful experience! Dan Duval boldly ventures in uncharted territory in the Word of God, bringing fresh revelation on a weekly basis. Periodically, guest ministers will be brought in to impart their wisdom and resources as well. Established in 2016, this church has blessed hundreds of lives and continues to grow. Join us LIVE every Sunday at 7 pm CST by clicking on the link below.  The Bride Ministries Church service usually lasts 1.5 hours.  You will have the opportunity to hear teaching from Dan Duval and interact with a vibrant community. We look forward to seeing you! This button will only be active on Sundays shortly before 7 pm.

Join Us Live At The Bride Ministries Church, Sundays At 7 PM CST

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Or watch from your Smart TV on Roku and AppleTV! Just search for the BRIDE Ministries App!

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At BRIDE Ministries International we are truly an international body of believers. Our community is thriving and exciting and we want to invite you to be a part of it! By becoming a member you will get access to our donor management system to track your giving. You will get automatic notifications of upcoming services and events to keep you informed. You can also easily sign up for groups and stay connected, and it’s as easy as filling out our form. Join us!

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