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Join us LIVE at Bride Ministries Church 4817 Schlipf Road, Katy, Texas 77493, every Sunday at 10 am CST. Hang out with the BRIDE Tribe and get the opportunity to meet Dan Duval weekly during this live event. At BRIDE Ministries Church, you will receive cutting-edge teaching while also getting the opportunity to ask your pertinent questions and get answers.

At the BRIDE Ministries Church, we have created an online platform that fosters genuine community. Join us online, to build relationships with like-minded believers!


Pre-Service Prayer

Visit the BRIDE Tribe in Katy, TX, at 4817 Schlipf Road, Katy, Texas 77493.

BRIDE Ministries Church is a powerful experience! Dan Duval boldly ventures into uncharted territory in the Word of God, bringing fresh revelation on a weekly basis. In order to collaborate with heaven’s resources and the power of God, we dedicate every service to the Lord with pre-service prayer. Pre-service prayer happens at 9 am CST both in-person and online. To join pre-service prayer at Bride Ministries church in Katy, TX, simply show up at 9 am CST. If you are not local to Katy, TX and regularly participate in our internet livestream services, you are invited to join the pre-service prayer by signing up with the button below! You will then begin to receive weekly email invites to join our online pre-service prayer team!

Join Us Live At The Bride Ministries Church, Sundays At 10 AM CST

In Person Services

The BRIDE Ministries Church meets in person, weekly on Sundays at 4817 Schlipf Road Katy TX 77493. Service times will be at 10 am CST. All are welcome to attend. Our services will be a mixed media model to converge our internet service with a local fellowship. We can’t wait for you to join us! Click the button below for directions!

Bride Ministries’ is hosting a monthly Worship Night at the Dwelling Place! Mark your calendars for every fourth Friday evening of the month from 7-9pm CST. Join us for a special time of community as we give GLORY to God! It’s an evening of worship you won’t want to miss!

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Become a Member

At BRIDE Ministries International we are truly an international body of believers. Our community is thriving and exciting and we want to invite you to be a part of it! By becoming a member you will get access to our donor management system to track your giving. You will get automatic notifications of upcoming services and events to keep you informed. You can also easily sign up for groups and stay connected, and it’s as easy as filling out our form. Join us!

Visit us at 4817 Schlipf Road Katy TX 77493, to become an active member!

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