Essence and the Battle Between Life and Death Parts 1-8


ESSENCE AND THE BATTLE BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH! Get ready for an adventure into the Word of God that will again push the boundaries of how we understand God, the creation, and our role in his eternal plan.

Essence is a term that has been used for and defined as life force, but what does this mean in the context of biblical revelation? Why does the Bible say that in Jesus Christ is life and that life is the light of men? Moreover, why is it that the last enemy to be defeated is death?

Essence is an extraordinary concept, that once understood, becomes a bridge to understanding the overarching narrative of the battle between life and death. It becomes a key to understanding how and why the manifesting sons of God will work to deliver the creation into our glorious liberty. Essence and the battle between life and death will take your cosmology and understanding of the plan of God to the next level. Come be a part of this journey with us!



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