The Realm of Jesus Christ

Class Description:

Many Christians are able to identify with what Jesus has done for them, but lack identification with who Jesus is. This series is designed to correct this fundamental paradigm flaw. This study will take participants deep into the discussion of what it means to be placed “In Christ”. As this revelation unfolds, it will lead to a revolutionary view of the nature of righteousness, justification, sanctification, protection, and salvation that we have in Christ. It will also prepare the participants for the leap in perception that occurs when we begin to understand the kingdom of God.

DISCLAIMER: BRIDE Ministries International limits registration of our FREE 8-week courses to one class per person. It is our vision to create healthy and safe community for all who desire attendance. Limiting the classes allows for more people to interact with each other and our moderators, increasing the BrideTribe fruit! Thank you for your policy compliance.

               Registration is now CLOSED for FALL 2023.  Please fill out this FORM to be placed on the waiting list for WINTER 2023 Bible Studies.

21 thoughts on “The Realm of Jesus Christ”

  1. The webpage for ordering “The Realm of Jesus Christ Led by Paul & Shannon,” states the class is still open. When I attempt to register, it’s not allowing me to do so. If the class is still available, I’d like to register. Thank you.

    1. Our classes are nearly full – I had one person who contacted us this morning who was unable to take the class, so there’s an extra spot

    1. Unfortunately, we do not accept signs ups once the classes have started, but we will be hosting this class again in the fall!

  2. Hello servants of God in Bride Ministries International, I’m pastor Benjamin khaemba and my wife Judith from Africa Kenya Bungoma Bungoma, we are really touched by your prayers and encouraging powerful teachings, we are really humbled willing working with you and plant your vision and Bride Ministries International

  3. Shalom,
    Can you please let me know when the next session for the realm of Jesus Christ will be taking place as I would love to register for the next one as it seems there’s no space available in the January class.
    Many thanks

    1. Our next class sessions will be in the spring. I can put you on the waiting list if a spot opens up for this round, the Winter 2021 class.

  4. Heather Robinson

    Hi there. I cant access my Bride Ministries portal. I I signed up to take this class privately but cant access course materials. If there I spce in this instructor led version of this course, beginning today, please contact me at

  5. Greetings
    I have the course material already
    Will join next cycle
    Please could you kindly send me a reminder when I have to register please?

    1. Hi Suretha, I will be sure to keep you on the list to be notified for the next round of classes.

      Blessings 🙂

  6. I’m super excited to take this class with a group! I took it through the Institute on my own, but after taking the Dimensions of Grace class with a group and experiencing the deep wealth a group brings, I can hardly wait to do Realms of Jesus Christ with this group.

    Please clarify the time zone in which the class originates. I live in Alaska.

    1. Hello Tammy, so glad you are ready for the Spring 2021 classes coming up. The time zone that the class is for U.S. Central Standard Time (CST). Hope to see you there, blessings!

  7. I have signed up. I am in Australia so I am wondering what time 7:00 pm your time would be here in Australia. I am in Queensland.

    1. Currently that would be 11 AM CST as Australia is 17 hours ahead of us. Please double check when you are preparing to take the class. Blessings!

  8. I posted above and then worked out what time it would be here in Australia after reading the above comment. But then had another question about is it on the same day each week?


    How do you know if you are registered? I entered my info and pushed next and the info went away but I did not receive an email confirming?

  10. Unable to register.
    Thx you for posting link , I’ve looked on website and was unable to open altogether. Thx ???? u Kendra

    1. Hi MaryAlice, there are no spots able for this particular class, so the link will not open a registration form. Are you interested in a different class?


  11. Hi
    The link let me register but gave no confirmation, Other things I have registered for have given a confirmation so I’m just making sure I am signed up for the class?

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