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Grace is largely misunderstood by the church. Some people fall into the error of hyper-grace. Others drift into the error of legalism and a works-based approach to Christianity. Both are incorrect. In this series you will learn how grace is unmerited favor, the finished work of Jesus Christ, divine influence upon the heart, and God’s ability. As you begin to understand the purpose of grace, you will have a revolution in thought. You will be equipped with an understanding of grace that will lead to effortless change and victory based not on your ability, but the very ability of God at work in your life!

DISCLAIMER: BRIDE Ministries International limits registration of our FREE 8-week courses to one class per person. It is our vision to create healthy and safe community for all who desire attendance. Limiting the classes allows for more people to interact with each other and our moderators, increasing the BrideTribe fruit! Thank you for your policy compliance.

Registration is now OPEN for FALL 2022!!

18 thoughts on “Dimensions of Grace | Led by Codi”

  1. I signed up for the Dimensions of Grace Bible study. Is this a one time event on July 9? Or are there multiple sessions? If this is a weekly event over multiple weeks, I will need to wait to start it after the end of July or until the next study is open for enrollment.


    when does the classes start?
    i did sign up for the dimensions of Grace bible classes in may but did not receive an email to let me know the dates of the class in july!

  3. Looking super forward to this! My first official Dan Duval Bible Study Course! Wooo! Hello 2021! God IS good! I want to join all of them. However, the tears started flowin a lil when I read this one. I think a shattered part of mine sooo needs this exact course at this exact time. I Cannot wait!

  4. HI ,

    I am trying to apply for this course but its not allowing me to, when I choose quantity it says only 0 and then when i apply on 0 then it says i must choose 1 and vice versa , so is the classes already full?


  5. Hi Kendra
    I signed up for this before Christmas and received a mail from you checking the time was fine (I’m uk based), which it is but I now can’t find the email- just checking to see if I am still registered.
    Thanks, Lynn

  6. Is this 1/19/21 class closed? I tried to insert a “1” where the “0” is in the “Quantity” box, but it said “1” isn’t available. I’d love to attend this class if there’s still room.

  7. Hi,
    The leader of my prayer group registered for the Unlocking the Mystery of Prayer with Esther Brandon, however she never received confirmation. Can you please confirm that Heather (Heth) G. is registered?
    We all received confirmation but she never did. I can privately send an email for her.
    Thank you.

  8. Hi Ms Kendra,
    Would you kindly cancel my registration for this course please as the time is not convenient for me.

    Thank you and God bless you and bride ministries

  9. Bronwynne Wessels

    Hi 🙂

    I would like to know the times of the Dimensions of Grace class before I sign up please. I am in Cape Town South Africa.

    Kind Regards

  10. Can you tell me your next class title/ topic ?
    My husbands been quite ill, maybe I can attend the next one…..I did sign up for
    Bride Tribe Advance in November:-)


    1. hello Joanie,

      The class is an audit of the Bride Ministries Institute course: Dimensions of Grace, which weekly goes through each video from the course. After the video has been played, there is a class discussion. Be blessed! 🙂

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