Dimensions of Grace | Led by Lee and Dawn

Class Description:

Grace is largely misunderstood by the church. Some people fall into the error of hyper-grace. Others drift into the error of legalism and a works-based approach to Christianity. Both are incorrect. In this series you will learn how grace is unmerited favor, the finished work of Jesus Christ, divine influence upon the heart, and God’s ability. As you begin to understand the purpose of grace, you will have a revolution in thought. You will be equipped with an understanding of grace that will lead to effortless change and victory based not on your ability, but the very ability of God at work in your life!

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2 thoughts on “Dimensions of Grace | Led by Lee and Dawn”

  1. I signed up for the Dimensions of Grace Bible study. Is this a one time event on July 9? Or are there multiple sessions? If this is a weekly event over multiple weeks, I will need to wait to start it after the end of July or until the next study is open for enrollment.

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