Introduction to Spiritual Warfare | Led by Stephen and Kelly

Class Description:

Far too few Christians are truly proficient in the arena of spiritual warfare. This course is designed to be a concise explanation of the tools and strategies that empower believers to be powerful warriors in the spirit. It starts with an exploration into the discussion of human suffering and what the bible says about God’s sovereignty and control over our affliction. We then arm you with a number of basic tools to effectively defeat the enemy in your life. This course also gets into the mechanics of the spirit realm that we often take for granted, such as what are demons vs. fallen angels? What are the biblical references for regions of captivity? Where are the basis of operation for the enemy? Does Satan have dominion on Earth? If you are not sure you know the answer to all these questions, then this course is for you. It will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to overcome the kingdom of darkness.

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4 thoughts on “Introduction to Spiritual Warfare | Led by Stephen and Kelly”

    1. Hi, Katie! Thank you for your interest in the Introduction to Spiritual Warfare class. Unfortunately, the class is currently full, but I can put you on a waiting list to receive a spot that opens up before the first class begins. You may also sign up for one of the other classes! Let me know. 🙂


  1. I would like to be on the waiting list as well . I have used and prayed thru the prayer 🙏 resources for myself and others. They have helped me advance when nothing else has . I’m praying the morning and eve prayers and I believe the Lord has shown me SRA and dedicated to satan at Birth has been part of my 53 year struggles while laid down for God and loving HIM for 21 years .
    All help would be appreciated I want my
    Life on track and to Be leading and teaching these things !!
    Bless you

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