Exposing Kabbalah Series (Parts 1-12)


We are spending several weeks investigating Kabbalah because is not of God. Yet it has influenced major areas of Christendom. Since many believers do not even know what Kabbalah is, they neither know what its beliefs are nor how to identify where its influence has poisoned the waters in the body of Christ. Kabbalah teaches an esoteric template for man and creation known as the kabbalah tree. It is a source of revelation for students of the deep occult. Thus, we are going to learn why Kabbalah, at its core, is a doctrine of demons and a revealing of the government of Lucifer


What’s included in this series:

Exposing Kabbalah Part 1 – What is Kabbalah? (MP3 & YouTube Link)

Exposing Kabbalah Part 2 – Kabbalah Creation Myth (Part 1) (MP3 & YouTube Link)

Exposing Kabbalah Part 3 – Kabbalah Creation Myth (Part 2) (MP3 & YouTube Link)

Exposing Kabbalah Part 4 – The Fall According to Kabbalah (MP3 & YouTube Link)

Exposing Kabbalah Part 5 – Metatron (MP3 & YouTube Link)

Exposing Kabbalah Part 6 – What does it mean to be a Jew? (MP3 & YouTube Link)

Exposing Kabbalah Part 7 – Tetragrammaton (MP3 & YouTube Link)

Exposing Kabbalah Part 8 – The Kosher Serpent and the Restoration of All Things (MP3 & YouTube Link)

Exposing Kabbalah Part 9 – The Secret of Leviathan (MP3 & YouTube Link)

Exposing Kabbalah Part 10 – The Four Worlds (MP3 & YouTube Link)

Exposing Kabbalah Part 11 – The Kabbalistic Calendar (MP3 & YouTube Link)

Exposing Kabbalah Part 12 – Trees are Governments (MP3 & YouTube Link)

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  1. Tallinlane Tartus

    Was listening part 2 and have some thoughts about the beginning of everything. Let’s start with some logic here.

    There is no need to create void and God does not have to be nothing itself.

    If there is total void then it means there are no rules of physics, there is no matter, time, light. There is nothing that can say what should be and how it should be. There are no rules that say how the world should be and what should be and there is no world even.
    In this total nothingness there is then an endless possibility. Because nothing is there to say what should be and what should not be. So the nothing with no preconditions “creates” so to speak endless possibility or God.

    What is coming next is a bit more difficult and it’s not yet formulated with very clear logic as it requires more work to do.

    There is no contradictory in this first endless possibility, meaning it will not go against itself. Endless possibility will not yet contain the destruction of its own possibility. The will that is luciferian is secondary, it is emerged from the first endless possibility as a secondary will or something that is going already against the first endless possibility as a destructive force. There is no contradiction in the first endless possibility, yet Lucifer had free will, meaning that the first endless possibility included also possibility for Lucifer to fall. But. This is important here. There are also some german mystics who say that in the first darkness two sides of God emerge – good and evil if to use simplified terms. But the evil is always secondary as a contradiction to the first endless opportunity. These are no equal creations from the emptiness as the Lucifer would maybe want to say. Or maybe wants to say that he was the beginning of everything.

    There is no contradictions in the first endless possibility so this is based on love. We are all together is this. But something that is based on the first possibility can go against it and express itself by using power on the others or some other destructive ideas. So the luciferian will is secondary and is not equal to the first will.

    Who is then Jesus in this cosmology? Jesus is that everything that emerges from the first endless opportunity and does not have evil will inside or is the first idea of creation manifested. So the endless possibility if father God, Jesus as the manifestation of endless possibility is then the son of God and we are coming out from Jesus. This is logical. The image of invisible God, firstborn of all creation and so on.

    The salvation is another question that is not discussed in this comment.

    • adminbride

      Daniel presented what the Kabbalah teaches and why it is wrong.

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