Overcoming Shame Parts 1-4


We’re embarking on a series at the BRIDE Ministries Church called Overcoming Shame! Shame has always been one of the greatest enemies of the children of God. But we haven’t seen it like that. We have seen it as a justifiable way to reach a desired end. Join us as we talk about how to break the bondage of shame over our lives.


What’s included in this series:

Overcoming Shame Part 1 (MP3 & YouTube Links)

Overcoming Shame Part 2 (MP3 & YouTube Links)

Overcoming Shame Part 3 (MP3 & YouTube Links)

Overcoming Shame Part 4 (MP3 & YouTube Links)

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1 review for Overcoming Shame Parts 1-4

  1. Terri-Lynn Dunbar (verified owner)

    I’ve listened to Part 1 thus far, it was super educating and I received supernatural breakthru; looking forward to engaging the remainder parts.

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