Todd Edwards Bi-Weekly Bible Study


Join in on epic journeys into the Word of God! Every other Saturday at 10 AM CST you can  hang out with Todd Edwards and the BRIDE Tribe!

Class Description: In this Bi-weekly Saturday Bible Study, you will discuss the Biblical truth that supports Bride Ministries’ revelation and teaching on the Kingdom of God and operating in the spirit. As we build up Biblical truth, you will grow in faith and increase your operations in the heavens, of which is our true citizenship. Some of the topics to be explored include priesthood, identity, holiness, His presence, whole person alignment, Biblical Israel, covenant, living, and more.

46 thoughts on “Todd Edwards Bi-Weekly Bible Study”

      1. Hi Mary,
        I signed you up for Todd’s Bible Study. He is currently teaching in Katy, TX. He will email once he returns back home and sets the schedule for the next bible study. The Zoom link will be sent out at 9:50am on the Saturday on the next date he schedules the bible study for. 🙂

        Ann 🙂

      1. Ann Calatayud

        Hi Joelene,
        You will receive an email from Todd Edwards when he chooses to host his next Bible study. As of today, I do not know of when the next one will take place. Once he sends you that date of the next Bible Study, you will receive an email from me 10 minutes before the Bible study begins with the Zoom invite to join.
        Ann 🙂

  1. Hi Todd,
    I have been listening to your Todd talks and wanted to know if I could sign up for your bible study to be able to ask questions and interact with people who are in your study.

      1. Connie Stricherz

        I keep signing up for Todd’s Bible study but I never get anything in my email. Is the registration for the Bible study going through?


        1. Hi Connie,

          I looked up your account and manually added you to the class, you should receive an email for this weekend’s bible study on March 19th

          Blessings 🙂

          1. It’s still not working, Elizabeth! The link doesn’t take me to a registration page????

  2. I love the bi-weekly with Todd. The Zion studies are out of this world. I’m so glad for having found this group. I listen to them during the day while working and it’s a blessing to see how the bible opens up. All the things I have wondered about for years and had thoughts about are now confirmed in so many ways. Thank you Todd for doing the time and studies to open the Bible to us

    1. Hi Benita, you’ve been added to the bible study. You should receive start receiving notifications & invites.


  3. Best bible study ever!!!
    Todd speak God, so much confirmation, He says what holy spirit Say. He is confirmation. He speaks God to make believer to make their believe more strong firm because He says what says to me. He is clear sign that God is real,living God. I sleep hearing his audio that gives me so much peace home assurance of God’s presence.

    1. Hi Rebecca, I see you are on the bible study roster already, did you still need assistance?

      Hope ^_^

    1. Hi Judy, I see you are already signed up, you should be receiving email updates.

      Blessings 🙂

  4. Hi, where do I sign up for the Bible Study?
    I thought I did, but received no email.

    1. Hi Elizabeth
      Thank you for the link.
      I did register, but it seems to not work, I still do not get any notification emails.

  5. Hi Elizabeth
    Thank you for the link.
    I did register, but it seems to not work, I still do not get any notification emails.

  6. Rhonda Wilson (Ruth)

    I also signed up for the Bible Class but haven’t gotten any emails. Help please! Thank you.

  7. Hello, I would like to sign up for Todd’s bible study as well please. Not quite sure how to go about it… will this post suffice? Please let me know. Thanks so much!!

  8. Can we not sign up on an apple product? I filled in my info but it doesn’t act like it went through

  9. There is currently no way on this page to sign up for the Bible study. The only thing I can click is “next” and then I get an error saying I didn’t select anything. But there is no way to select anything.

  10. Patricia Skripsky

    Hallelujah, looking forward to such a rich & valuable time of teaching, Blessings Todd! …

  11. Jennifer Hattemer

    Greetings! Excited for the 2024 Bible Study. What day will it begin? I received a confirmation email stating I would receive another 10 minutes before. However, I would like to plan my Saturday’s in advance. Much appreciation and many blessings off Todd and the staff to make this possible! God Bless You All!

    1. Greetings!
      The next bible study with Todd is this Saturday, January 6th at 10am CST. You will receive the link at 9:50am! Enjoy!

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