Absolute Victory Series (Parts 1-6)


We are stepping into the ABSOLUTE VICTORY of Jesus Christ because victory is part of our identity! It is an exciting time to be alive as God is preparing this generation for his agenda to inherit the nations! Join us as we continue the journey to victory.

Absolute victory belongs to Jesus, and as members of his body, this means that absolute victory is given to us. Sometimes, it can be easy to lose touch with this reality.

This series is a journey into discovering just how awesome the victory of Jesus Christ is. He is the solution to every problem. He has all authority in heaven and on earth. He is the resurrection, and in him, we are raised up and seated in heavenly places. Get ready to be inspired as Dan Duval goes deep into the Word of God in order to encourage and empower you with the overcoming power of Jesus. You were not put here to be bullied by a defeated kingdom. This series will leave you motivated to step into Jesus and punish the devil for what he has done. You won’t be the same!



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