The Kingdom and the End Times

Class Description:

If you want to have a firm understanding of the Kingdom of God and God’s plans for his people, we invite you to take The Kingdom of God and the End Times course. In this course, we will teach you that the people of God are meant to go after the nations of the earth, to win them for Christ. We will study the fundamental topic from Daniel Duval’s book: Kingdom Government and the Promise of Sheep Nations. This course will pinpoint the truth about the rapture, end times, and the apocalypse, by answering the several questions on these topics with the Bible. This course will take the learner into a revolutionary perspective of the power of God, and how God plans to display His Power in the last days.
DISCLAIMER: BRIDE Ministries International limits registration of our FREE 8-week courses to one class per person. It is our vision to create healthy and safe community for all who desire attendance. Limiting the classes allows for more people to interact with each other and our moderators, increasing the BrideTribe fruit! Thank you for your policy compliance.

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12 thoughts on “The Kingdom and the End Times”

  1. I am trying to register for this course but it doesn’t seem to give me a chance to select a ticket? I have purchased this course but am struggling to get through it so would love to do it in a group?

  2. I am trying to register for the class Kingdom of God and The End Times WINTER 2022 class, however I am unable to select a ticket and it says the following error occurred: (At least one ticket must be selected) thus making it impossible to register can you please register me for this CLASS?
    Connie Sukkau
    I do not want to miss this opportunity to register!!

  3. I have really enjoyed Dan Duval’s books; Prayers That Shake Heaven and Earth, Morning and Evening version, Noah and the End of Times and now reading Higher Dimensions.

  4. I signed up by faith because I haven’t taken this course yet, but what is the start date, weekly day meeting, and time?

    1. I found the dates to start and end and since they are both Wednesdays I’m guessing classes are on Wednesday,The 1st date says 7;30p and last 9;30..a typo? so Wednesdays at 7;30p..central standard time?

  5. I signed up by faith because I haven’t taken this course yet, but what is the start date, weekly day meeting, and time?how do we know if our registration went through?

    1. I had tried to sign up from my ipad.After filling out the fields there was an arrow at the bottom so i clicked this but it didnt work.I got on my windows 7 and filled it in.At the bottom it said next.I clicked next only to see another form to fill and a register button. i filled it out again and clicked register..success! it informed me i was registered..hope this helps someone else

  6. Most frustrating trying to find anyplace to sign up. When I found what I thought were the winter classes, they disappeared and I couldn’t find them again. Trying iPhone and iPad. Dan said info was at bottom of churches page. Not on my equipment.

  7. Praise the Lord God Almighty!! No problems signing up!!! Thx y’all behind the scenes making it happen , also to Daniel & Christian making this available of free. Thank you for sewing into us. Blessings to y’all

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