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Bride Ministries Institute (BMI) is the official online education platform of Bride Ministries. Educating and equipping the Body of Christ has been a key focus of Bride Ministries. Our courses have blessed many lives and formed a thriving online community of believers.

Institute Courses

The school is broken up into four levels. Level one courses are designed for grounding believers in a powerful foundation. These course zero in on grace, what it means to be found in Christ, and the kingdom of God. Level two courses are for the growing believer. These believer’s essentials focus on equipping you to pray and execute spiritual warfare with tangible results. 

There is also a course designed to establish you in a revelatory perspective on the end times and the role we have in it. The level three courses are ministry resources, put together for those that want to know how to minister inner healing and deliverance with power. Don’t expect candy-coating at level three, these courses are at the deep end of the pool. Finally, there is a level four course for those that are ready to understand the mechanics of creation. As a whole, this platform will take anyone to new heights with world-class training, all enjoyed from the comfort of your own home!

Want to Get Involved?

For those of you that plan to get involved with BRIDE Ministries International in any way in the future, the Level 1 courses on the Bride Ministries Institute are REQUIRED. We encourage you to get started with those foundational courses now.  Simply click on the “Enroll Now” button below to begin.  

Our Courses