Freedom from Human Persecutors

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Are you familiar with the term “human persecutor”? Perhaps you’ve heard of the term “soul tie”. Daniel Duval provides some insight into the depths of these terms, including how they are related, and gives a thorough explanation of the prayer he has put together to deal with this very issue. You’ll learn of the similarities that exist between finding freedom from principalities and overcoming human persecutors, as well as the differences between the two.

Manifestations of a problem with a human persecutor can come in varying forms. For example, some people have out-of-body experiences involving sexual relations with a spirit husband or spirit wife, whether they know this individual in the natural or not. Others may have an overwhelming sense of fear or anxiety when encountering a particular family member, specifically if this family member was their abuser. If a person has been through mind control, their programmers can be present and continue to leverage control over the individual from a distance. Here at BRIDE Ministries, we have dealt with head witches and warlocks as human persecutors, and we also understand that human persecutors can manifest as dead ancestors. If you have experienced any of this, you may feel there is something within that won’t allow you to be free from this harassment.

We understand soul ties originally through the relationship that existed between David and Jonathan. This was a very close friendship in which both men loved one another as his own soul. While their relationship was not sexual, we know that intimate and sexual relationships do also lead to a knitting of souls. There are soul tie-breaking prayers that can provide freedom from this sort of bond. Sometimes, however, the depths go far beyond our normal conceptualizations of the soul tie.

To help peel pack the layers of a much larger picture, Daniel Duval allows us to peer into one of his areas of specialization: DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).

Dissociation is a continuum with varying degrees and manifestations that begins when we separate ourselves from a piece of consciousness, so to speak, as a result of a traumatic event. This can extend to full splits of people’s consciousness that manifest as soul fragments, combinations of soul and spirit fragments (referred to as “alters”), and spirit fragments. At BRIDE Ministries, we’ve come to understand through experience that these soul fragments can be swapped between individuals, adding a new layer to the term “soul tie”. These persecutors have the ability to swap the parts of two different people with one another and bind them together with cords; an intricate and diabolical process. Sometimes, the influence from these human persecutors can be more excessive than that of demons or principalities. True freedom from this requires specificity and detail, and BRIDE Ministries provides that to you with the “Freedom from Human Persecutors Prayer”.

God has an agenda to set you free – it’s called your destiny. BRIDE Ministries deeply desires your liberation from bondage. Before praying this prayer, you should receive the valuable information offered in this podcast. Each line is expounded upon to help you digest the meaning of what is being said, which will prayerfully result in your confidence and intentionality when reciting the words therein.

If you begin to see your heart as a house, you’ll look at it as having multiple rooms. This means you must open multiple doors throughout that house to Jesus. Some doors are locked because the person with whom you have a soul tie is occupying the room. This prayer is designed to evict those soul ties from their respective rooms, and allow the reality of Jesus to flourish throughout your heart.

2 thoughts on “Freedom from Human Persecutors”

  1. What if our human persecuted died? Are we still tangled?
    I’ve have been 10 years suffering about his death non stop ..
    got a little better after I accept Jesus and baptized but I can’t love another men since his death neither my husband
    Please let me know ??
    We are about to get divorce , I’ve been praying for answers then I am listening to this now,
    I feel that can be some piece of my puzzle about my marriage falling a part
    Thank you
    Be blessed

    1. Bride Movement

      Hi Erica,
      Yes, it is possible. In the new book Advanced Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth, there is an Ultimate Human Persecutors prayer that you may want to go through. In it, it helps deals with these types of entanglements. We are hoping to release that in September.

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