The Battle between Peace and Fear with Barb Bucklin

Prayer Audio:

Barb Bucklin of Luke 4:18 Ministries is back with Dan Duval, this time to delve into the subject of the battle between fear and peace. What is peace? Why does fear contend with peace for authority over our lives? What can we do about it? Many of us at one time or another struggle to find peace, even after we have found Jesus. Barb Bucklin brings wise council, the Word of God, and experience to the table to break things down. This is a program that you do not want to miss. Be sure to visit Luke 4:18 ministries at www.luke-418

2 thoughts on “The Battle between Peace and Fear with Barb Bucklin”

  1. translate it to spanish!!! thats great, we have so little translation of good books in spanish, its hard to get info in deliverence here in mexico

  2. I wonder why I feel led very strongly not to listen to this guest? I know I am in the presence of the True Most High while I feel this.

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