Kings in Exile featuring Dan Duval

Prayer Audio:

Visit us at! At BRIDE Ministries we are now hosting semi-annual conferences. This past spring, the BRIDE Tribe Advance, which was the name of our conference, was absolutely incredible. People experience breakthrough, deliverance, healing, angelic encounters, and so much more. While this began as an offering specifically to those that are part of our online church community, we are now opening up the semi-annual conferences to the entire BRIDE Tribe family. This week, you will get to hear the first message presented by Dan Duval at the most recent conference entitled “Kings in Exile”. To be part of the upcoming conference in the fall, go to our website, click the church tab at the top, and scroll down to events so that you can sign up!

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  1. What an awesome word. I have been studying that word “in” for months and we made the decision to come to Dallas in October. Blessings.

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