Montauk, The Temple Arch and Boots on the Ground

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A few weeks ago, Christians around the country sang praises to God in response to the news that the construction of the Temple to Baal in Times Square was canceled. What no one knew was that Dan Duval and a few others including Eleyna, a survivor of horrific projects that took place at Monauk, were in New York as well that weekend. This is the story of how the Lord led Dan Duval and Eleyna to make the trip up to New York in order to pray in person at Montauk and Camp Hero. Was there a connection to the Temple of Baal in Times Square? This epic story is not one you will want to miss. Furthermore, there will be a suprise appearance by someone many listeners of this podcast will recognize.

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1 thought on “Montauk, The Temple Arch and Boots on the Ground”

  1. Awesome, how great is God! And thank God for people like you Dan. I’m itching to know what the other 2 pages of the prophecy said; hopefully you might be able to release it one day in the future…☺Robert and Eleyna are amazing, such stalwarts.

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