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As humans, we have a tendency to overthink the reach of our own problems. Occasionally, we can take an issue that seems difficult to us, and attempt to apply to it an even more complex solution. In this program, Daniel Duval seeks to help you cover the basics of your walk with God, by explaining how to be free from surface-level attacks. We’ll take a dive into the uncomplicated root issues that often find themselves at the core of many of our struggles. Lots of Believers may simply battle with a demon of anger, bitterness or resentment, causing what might feel like stagnation in their spiritual growth. Fortunately, there are very straightforward methods of becoming free from this kind of persecution.

Even with high-level deliverance, we need to keep in mind that these basics still apply. In fact, here at BRIDE Ministries, we’ve learned from experience that they never stop applying – you never stop needing salvation by grace through faith, even when you begin to engage with the realms of heaven as a kingdom citizen. After all, in order to go onto the frontlines for battle, you must first master basic training, right?

In coming to understand and manifest deliverance, the question of whether or not the enemy can touch Christians may become a challenging concept. This can become especially challenging when one fails to acknowledge that there are Believers who struggle with demonic afflictions. How about the man who proclaims to be a Christian, but struggles with alcoholism, or the woman who says she loves Jesus, but just can’t keep herself from gossiping about her coworkers? Do these people need to be baptized again? Is it true that they were never saved to begin with? While Daniel Duval would not agree with this conclusion, he acknowledges that if your answer is yes, there are scriptural reasons for what you believe. However, when interpreting scripture, we have to use wisdom to apply what we’ve read within the entire context of God’s Word.

While we no longer identify as sinners because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we do sometimes sin. To further contextualize this, listen as Daniel Duval illustrates how there is a portion of our spirit that cannot be touched by Satan – the portion designed to contain the Holy Spirit. In order for the enemy to touch that part of our spirit, he would have to be able to touch God’s perfect holiness, which he cannot. While this portion of our spirit is strictly off limits, there are other components of our spirit, as well as our soul, that he can attack. For example, when we as Christians engage in unforgiveness, we give the enemy legal right to torment us. We can often harbor unforgiveness towards things or people who aren’t at fault, going as far as having resentment towards God, who is perfectly blameless. Many people are unaware that they struggle with this very sentiment, and that it is at the center of their struggles. As long as we provide legal ground, the spirits responsible for attacking us do not have to flee completely. We must deal with the issues at the center – it is not until then that we can cancel the attacks in Jesus’ name and watch them cease.

Jesus has made a wealth of promises that are certain to us, and given us an identity that is without question. Take heed as Daniel Duval details how the truth of who we are in Christ is to be uncovered through the process of salvation, involving inner healing and deliverance. It is by this process that heaven and earth are brought into alignment through our faith and obedience as Believers.

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  1. I work at a high level of Deliverance Ministry,But I know that you work at a much, Much Higher Level,I want to learn through you,Do you have any training? I’ve seen all your videos,but I wanna see hands on vids to help me, how do I get this training from you? Or see some of your actual training in action to learn? I learn super fast,and wanna learn.more,I would even be willing to work for you for free just to learn

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