Mysteries and Genetics of the Illuminati with Hope Part 2

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Today on Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval we are joined by again by Hope for the second installment of her incredible story. Hope is a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse and an Illuminati defector. In this episode, she picks up the recounting of her story at roughly the age of 5. Hope was placed into a family in which she was being parented by handlers that were not her birth parents with a brother that was not her actual brother. What does this mean? She will discuss trips over seas that prepped her to begin school in her “family” and finalized initial programming. She will talk about how her so-called family interacted with the community and answer a lot of practical questions regarding just how so many things are hidden in plain sight. This program will be highly graphic and so keep this TRIGGER WARNING in mind. However, this is not a program you will want to miss.

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  1. Have you considered that the beings claiming to be human spirits not yet in Heaven or hell could actually be demons? Demons have a certain amount of knowledge that God allows them to have.

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