So… What do we do with the Prophets? Daryl Crawford-Marshall

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This week on Discovering the truth with Dan Duval we are joined for the second time by Daryl Crawford-Marshall. He moves in the prophetic in an incredible way and joins Dan to discuss what God is doing with his prophetic people in this season. They talk at length at the reasons why God is calling prophets back into local bodies and why there is a mandate for the prophetic people that have been wounded by rejection to engage a healing journey. Daryl goes not only into the vision that God has given him regarding the importance of the prophetic in this season, but also practical tips for how to more effectively walk out in prophetic ministry. You will greatly enjoy this program!

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2 thoughts on “So… What do we do with the Prophets? Daryl Crawford-Marshall”

  1. is it me or is there something wrong with the playback of this. toward the end he was talking about the 7 spiritual gifts and it cut off and i kept hearing the same parts of the recording over and over, just fyi. very big supporter.

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