The Army of Volunteers | BRIDE Ministries Advance Fall 2019

Visit us at! This week on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval you will be able to enjoy the final sermon of the BRIDE Ministries Fall Advance of 2019. In this epic sermon, Dan Duval breaks down the metanarrative regarding why survivors are here and how the big picture makes sense. This is a heartfelt message that left many in tears. You will not want to miss this message. Moreover, you will want to share it, as it is time that the body of Christ connects with heaven’s perspective regarding those that have survived satanic ritual abuse, government-sponsored mind control projects, Illuminati programming, and other cult programming efforts.

2 thoughts on “The Army of Volunteers | BRIDE Ministries Advance Fall 2019”

  1. wow. i lost a sister in Christ who was raised up in sra. she came to our church and we did a deliverance on her and she received Jesus as Lord and Saviour. she had an amazing journey for many months completely drug and rx free. into the Bible every moment talking and loving with Jesus until . . . . i had no tools for after until. . . she drove her car at high speed off an overpass. i had no tools but tears. i trust they count for something. thank you.

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