The Army of Volunteers | BRIDE Ministries Advance Fall 2019

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Visit us at! This week on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval you will be able to enjoy the final sermon of the BRIDE Ministries Fall Advance of 2019. In this epic sermon, Dan Duval breaks down the metanarrative regarding why survivors are here and how the big picture makes sense. This is a heartfelt message that left many in tears. You will not want to miss this message. Moreover, you will want to share it, as it is time that the body of Christ connects with heaven’s perspective regarding those that have survived satanic ritual abuse, government-sponsored mind control projects, Illuminati programming, and other cult programming efforts.

7 thoughts on “The Army of Volunteers | BRIDE Ministries Advance Fall 2019”

  1. wow. i lost a sister in Christ who was raised up in sra. she came to our church and we did a deliverance on her and she received Jesus as Lord and Saviour. she had an amazing journey for many months completely drug and rx free. into the Bible every moment talking and loving with Jesus until . . . . i had no tools for after until. . . she drove her car at high speed off an overpass. i had no tools but tears. i trust they count for something. thank you.

  2. Wow wow wow Dan
    I praise Jehovah today for you have provided all the answers to me on questions like , why does Jesus not stop the torment, why is t getting worse and not any better, why is evil progressing in their attacks on me, and why He say in His Word : “be still and wait, I will fight for you” ; “My right hand is not too short to help” ; “I have you in the palm of my hand and am watching you” and also why almost all Jesus’s apostles were crucified. I also cannot endure Christians/healers/prophets who claim to be lead by the Holy Spirit accuse me of not having met the real Jesus Christ.
    I thank God for your life Dan Duval and I am thankful and blessed to be a new member of your ministry and I praise God for all the information you make available.
    I am a survivor who are still discovering the levels of my brokenness, but I know that in my weakness God will be glorified.
    I also understand now , today, why I often wondered why Jesus “allowed” the abuse from even before I can remember ? It is not His will, and I thank Lord God for pulling me out of the darkness, into His light and His love. May God bless you abundantly and continue to use you mightily in His Kingdom.

  3. I am 88 years old. For 26 years I have ministered to a woman who was SRA. She is now 66 and, as far as we know, has been whole for more than 10 years. (I’m sure I’ve gained as much or more than she has!) She now helps me minister to other deeply hurting people. For several years now she has suffered severe health problems, complicated by dr. disagreements and failures to follow through. Only God has kept her alive and functional. I would appreciate any guidance/ insights about how to set her free from the multiple physical ailments she is dealing with. I would also appreciate knowing about any information/ teaching materials you have available.
    Blessings, Bethesda Ministries, Melva Libb

    1. Hello Melva, I would recommend starting with resources on the Bride Ministries Institute (, such as Inner Healing Ministry Fundamentals. Also, on our prayer resources page we have a full list of prayers, you will be able to find the Healing Prayer.
      Blessings! Hope

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