Todd Talks – Encountering Zion Part 18

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Episode 18: Encountering Zion Part 18

*This is the Bi-Weekly Saturday Bible Study recording from February 13, 2021*

Welcome to our show Todd Talks with BRIDE Ministries’ Senior Leader, Todd Edwards. This episode will be featuring the series Encountering Zion. In this show, Todd will be continuing in Isaiah 65:8-17.

In this study, Todd discusses Israel wanting to be circumcised of heart and their desire to be God’s people. Todd is going to emphasize YHWH’s servants and their outcomes… to stir up HOPE. You will receive revelation as you listen about another layer of maturity. And the hope for all listeners is that you not only get greater understanding and revelation of Isaiah’s discussion of Zion, but your ability for greater movement with understanding and revelation in your relationship with YHWH.

This is NOT a study about Political Zionism. Todd Talks episodes are meant to engage the hearts, souls, and spirits of those who listen. This will be an extremely insightful and exciting show that you will not want to miss!

Who is Todd Edwards:

Todd Edwards is a senior executive in a software company and has over three decades of experience in building enterprise sales organizations.

Todd Edwards is our Senior Leader at BRIDE Ministries International and a close friend of Daniel Duval.

Follow Along with Todd Talks:

  1. Vocabulary from the study: 
    1. Suffers violence (bee-ad-zo, G971) which means crowd oneself, press, for a siege. Just picture the image of a large army in medieval times, the army’s concentration is on the gate/door to infiltrate the kingdom, pressing to get in.
    2. Take it by force (har-pad-zo, G726) which means to grab or pluck up. This is the same word describing when Elijah was “plucked up” and taken into heaven.
    3. Generation (dore, H1755) which means a revolution of time, an appointment of time, an age from everlasting. The ones in the last days that become the essence of the new wine of the body.
    4. Cluster (esh-kole, H811) first mentioned in Genesis 40:10 which was about Joseph interpreting the dream of the cupbearer. The cupbearer is the new wine, after three days there was a resurrection, and it’s Joseph tied to the covenant.
    5. Possess (yaw-rash, H3423) the first mention is the same word as Gen 15:7 “inherit” when Abraham was going to inherit Canaan/the land.
    6. Evil report (dib-baw’, H1681) the first mention is same word as Gen 37:2 referencing the brothers’ evil report about Joseph. This says that the spies (the brothers of Joseph) are bringing an evil report to Joseph’s inheritance.
  2. “Yeshua is like a shell around us. We go in Messiah, we are in Him, we are under the shadow of His wings. So, He’s like a shell around our hearts. So now, instead of the father viewing our hearts directly; which is sinfully wicked, and we feel that. We now have this shell around us, which is Yeshua, and the Father sees our hearts through the shell, which is Yeshua, which is righteousness. Now in maturity, we start to receive more and more of the acceptance of the Father through the shell. ‘Oh really? Even though I know my heart is deceitfully wicked, You still view me through the shell which is Yeshua?’ ‘You mean I actually get His righteousness, the shell, even though my heart’s deceitfully wicked?’ and that’s a maturity process and a journey. Most mature believers get to the point where they accept the shell in entirety, even though their hearts are deceitfully wicked. Part of that problem that we go through in maturity is that we know our hearts are deceitfully wicked so sometimes it’s really hard to accept Yeshua as the shell, in ALL aspects!” Todd Edwards
  3. Strategy: Watch for the New Wine, New Wineskin, and the Bridegroom.
  4. Referenced Material: Todd mentioned the Elijah anointing released at the Fall 2020 Advance, you can get the free testimonies on, under Todd’s Bible Study Recordings, or free on the shop page.
  5. Key scriptures to follow along: Matthew 11:1-14; Isaiah 61; Matthew 11:12; Psalms 19:14; Romans 3:10; Isaiah 65:8-17; Psalms 29:3, 10-11; Revelation 22:1-2; Isaiah 65:8; Matthew 9:15; John 2; Psalms 24:1-4, 6; Isaiah 65:8; Genesis 40:10; Numbers 13:6, 8, 23, 30; Genesis 15:7; Numbers 13:32; Genesis 37:2; Isaiah 65:9-10; Song of Solomon 2:1-4, 1:13-17 & 2:1-4, 2:8-10; Joshua 7:24-25; Hosea 2:14-23; Isaiah 65:11; Romans 11:25-26: Isaiah 65:13-15; John 3:29; Psalms 45:1-17; Isaiah 65:16-17, 66:22; Revelation 20:11, 21:1; 2 Peter 3:7-13; Isaiah 65:17; Matthew 9:15-18; John 2:1-10; Romans 11:25; and Psalms 89:1-8.

About Todd Talks:

Todd Talks was developed from Todd Edward’s Bi-weekly Saturday Bible Study where he discusses the Biblical truth that supports Bride Ministries’ revelation and teaching on the Kingdom of God and operating in the spirit.

As we build up Biblical truth, you will grow in faith and increase your operations in the heavens, of which is our true citizenship. Some of the topics to be explored include priesthood, identity, holiness, His presence, whole person alignment, Biblical Israel, covenant, living, and more.

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