The Christian Business Podcast: Cosmic Soul Trade and the Coming Economic System Part 2

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The Christian Business Podcast: Episode 9

This week we’ve got the ninth installment of the Christian Business Podcast. Christian is welcoming back Daniel to discuss part two of the cosmic soul trade and the coming economic system, with trades made on the soul in the spirit realm. Dan Duval will get into pre-Adamic trade, the Rothschild banking system, and the origins of trade. They will get into what Satan is actually trading… this is not a program you will want to miss!

Expect to hear Daniel & Christian talk about:

  • In the USA, a birth certificate puts a value on a person & makes them a corporation
  • All types of trading (physical & spiritual) and souls as the currency for cosmic soul trade
  • Fallen angels & principalities & high-level occultists wear souls like a garment to protect themselves
  • The humanization of hybrids with the Autistic agenda & the emotional realm of the soul
  • Part of the plan of Jesus Christ for soul parts is the cleaning up of the bloodline
  • The 13 root bloodlines of the Illuminati have pre-adamic origins & iniquities
  • Soul fragments are used to power up technology: AI sentience, androids, etc.
  • Soul hunting is ancient witchcraft: soul hunters ritualize, eat, harvest or capture souls
  • Soul ties can be godly (marriage) or ungodly (past relationships)
  • Trauma & pain creates soul fractures which can be traded, leading to soul fragmentation

And so many more truths…

Truths from the Podcast:

  • Referenced materials: Get freedom from Freedom from Illuminati Bloodlines and Genetics, Evil Grid Renunciation Prayer, these can all be found on the Bride Ministries prayer page. Also, check out to the series: Dimensions of Trade & Economics Series (Parts 1-10), FREE on the BRIDE Ministries App under sermons, or purchase the series from our shop page.
  • “He was trading even before he fell, and he fell into deception, sin, iniquity then and that carries forward, even into present day. And the thing is, when it comes to economics… trade is at the center of more than we can imagine when it comes to spirituality. Because God also makes trade, and there’s no such thing as prayer without trade. You don’t have salvation without trade, there are godly trading floors. There are ungodly trading floors, and Lucifer’s fall is directly linked to his trading.” Daniel Duval
  • Key Scriptures from the podcast: Ezekiel 28; Revelations 18; Ezekiel 13:17-19; Matthew 16:26; Isaiah 61:1; Job 19:2; Psalms 7:2; 1 Samuel 18:10; Exodus 30:12-13; Revelations 18:13; Ezekiel 28:11-19; John 14:12; Matthew 24; and Daniel 10.

More from Daniel Duval:

Dan mentioned the Deliverance Portal, which is Bride Ministries’ FREE deliverance resource; also check out the prayer books on the Bride Ministries website’s shop page.  If you would like to take Daniel’s business course, you can enroll at the Supernatural Business School: Accelerating in Supernatural Business

You can also keep up with Daniel by listening to his first appearance on The Christian Business Podcast:

The Christian Business Podcast: Cosmic Soul Trade and the Coming Economic System

More from Christian Duval:

If you are a business leader, entrepreneur, business owner or believe this is podcast was for you, you can find the classes from the Supernatural Business School HERE! Be sure to stay tuned in for the tenth episode of the Christian Business Podcast!

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3 thoughts on “The Christian Business Podcast: Cosmic Soul Trade and the Coming Economic System Part 2”

  1. Greetings Daniel and Christian, in the mighty name of Jesus the Christ,
    I am so happy to have found your ministry. I’ve been born again since 1983. However, as you may have guessed, there are still problems. I’ve been working through them, but its been tough. I bought your book, Prayers That shake Heaven and Earth, and have had some interesting experiences I as a result. More on that if we ever have a chance to converse about it. But I love the book and continue to use it as a reference.
    But, this note is about something you and Christian were discussing, where she pointed out that slavery exists in the United States today through the prison labor system. I agree with her about that. However there is a much more pervasive and insidious slavery that has taken root since 1913. That would be the federal so-called “income tax.” As a practicing attorney of 22 years, mostly involved in tax defense work and business and estate planning for what I call the new underground railroad, I can tell you, that although the laws as written are not, technically speaking, unconstitutional, they have been subverted, starting in the FDR administration to be a direct tax on labor.
    Think about this simple point: If the government can claim the authority (power) to tax even just 1% of your labor, then by the same authority it can tax 100% of your labor. Thus, the income tax has most definitely become a means to enslave the entire population.
    As I said, the tax laws, as written, do not authorize the direct taxation of the people’s labor. However, by incremental (Fabian) corruption of the courts, the tax laws have been intentionally misinterpreted to result in a direct tax on our individual labor.
    Our constitution remains the only governmental political charter in the history of the world to recognize that every individual is endowed by their creator with inalienable rights (rights which cannot be liened) also known as “fundamental” rights. There are few rights more fundamental or more necessary for the pursuit of life and happiness than the right to the fruits of one’s own labor. Thus, any interpretation of the 16th Amendment, or the tax laws flowing from that which claims to vest authority in the government to tax one’s labor directly, is a patent violation of the 13th Amendment, the emancipation amendment. Yet that is exactly what has happened through political corruption and judicial fiat.
    Obviously, I need to write a book on this subject and there have been several good one’s already written. I just wanted to point out to yo both that through the corruption of our courts and by them the corruption of our tax laws, we have all been enslaved. It is also noteworthy that this system of taxation was initiated at exactly the same time as the Federal Reserve Act, which gave the Rothschild banking system a stranglehold on the people’s money supply and ushered in our current debt based economy. That was no coincidence.
    Peace and blessings to you both, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
    Peter Gibbons

    1. Peter YOU are spot on. Have you heard of the Act of 1871? Yes. The United States is a corporation and have you ever wondered why our Social Security Cards have our names in capital letters? Have you heard to Sheila Holms? She is an amazing God fearing women who has wrote a number of books, spirit lead to discover some of our “true” history and all the secret societies in the US.
      Peace to you and in all HIS Glory!

  2. Dan I have no words for your Godly wisdom. Not sure if Solomon knew more. I am in awe and praise Jesus for your Ministry !!! People on planet have no idea of how ignorant they are. How difficult it is to find individuals believing this wisdom, nevermind speak this language.
    Father bless you and you wife !

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