The Christian Business Podcast: Landing Your Scroll with Rachel Weatherly

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Christian Duval is back on Discovering Truth for her second Christian Business podcast. This month she will introduce you to Rachel Weatherly, founder and CEO of Weatherly and Associates Law Firm in Adelaide, Australia. She joins Christian to talk about scrolls and mandates in respect to business in the Kingdom. She speaks about her own journey and a female entrepreneur and gives extraordinary keys and insights in blending faith and business. She also gets into how one moves past strongmen and gatekeepers. Don’t miss it! She is also the wife of Todd Weatherly and a co-leader at Field of Dreams. Find them at

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2 thoughts on “The Christian Business Podcast: Landing Your Scroll with Rachel Weatherly”

  1. Wow this is such an amazing podcast thank you so much Christian and Rachel, I am definitely going to listen to this again and take more notes. Thanks Bride Ministries for the business podcasts, they have been so amazingly helpful!

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