The Christian Business Podcast: Cosmic Soul Trade and the Coming Economic System

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Visit us at! This week you will experience the first Christian Business Podcast on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval. Christian Duval, Dan’s wife, will be the host of this monthly podcast that will address business, entrepreneurship, and wealth acquisition from a Kingdom perspective. This week she will be launching with Dan Duval as her first guest. The subject, the cosmic soul trade and the coming economic system. Dan Duval will get into pre-adamic trade, the Rothschild banking system, and the nature of financial exchange as a trans-dimensional issue. This is not a program you will want to miss!

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12 thoughts on “The Christian Business Podcast: Cosmic Soul Trade and the Coming Economic System”

  1. Mr Duval, I am trying to locate hope beryl green author of To tell the truth. This is Damon Rivers I am mentioned in the book as one of the good things ( I hope) in her journey. Would please send me her e mail or context her to let her know I read the book and I am proud of her and wish her happiness with her life’s journey. Thank you for your time. Damon Rivers

  2. Sharon McElfresh

    We first learned about “Seed Faith” in the 1970’s from a little book by Oral Roberts. From then on we understood the principle of sowing and reaping. Along the way we learned that sowing into a ministry that connected with our need for a miracle would reap a very rapid answer to our prayers. For instance, our daughter left and we didn’t know if we would EVER see her again. We sowed to an inner city women’s ministry and within a few days we were reconnected. She is now a missionary. Kingdom Economics is essential knowledge for overcoming the enemy’s plans for our bondage and destruction. Thank you so much for “marrying” the topics of the economic system and spiritual trading. We also appreciate your clear teaching about the nature of trans-dimensional issues in business.

  3. Well, that was intense!!! Daniel, you made a wonderful first quest interview with your lovely wife whom I so enjoyed for the first time meeting via program… seriously.. so much valuable information. Please keep up the good work.. mind blowing but truth. Prayers for protection, increase of finances, and more exposure to those who need this information/ revealing of the bride of Christ Jesus????❤️

  4. So interesting and well done. Christian did an excellent job! The Biblical references are excellent. After I watched the podcast an overlay of another broadcast came on your site for a Rachel Maddox podcast. Oh so interesting and telltale!

  5. Greetings family. I am happy to have had the privelage to listen to you Dan & Christian on these subjects. I listened in it’s entirety 2 X now and even though I am aware and familiar with the enslavement through birth certs, (Strawman), beast system, I’m sure I would get more revelation if I listened to it again and again.
    This debt heaped upon the backs of the people & nations of the earth who arent aware need revelation and deliverance. Are the puppet masters at the top living in complete freedom of the beast system they control? Not really because they have sold their souls. They have gained the world but have lost their soul’s and it has profited them nothing but a ticket straight to the abyss. I would venture to say that they have possively become hybrid beings through their blood rituals/occult just like I believe Nimrod had become. One starts looking like ones father.
    Like brother Dan said, Lucifer mimics/copies/hyjacks God’s design of creation, realms and its inner workings, thus he has brought his will/agenda from the 2nd heaven/courtrooms to the earth by getting peoples consent through deception through wordly things, like hollywood movies, entertainment, music industries, chemical warfare in our air, water & food. Diversions are accomplished easier through poisoning our physical DNA with nanotechnology, etc. etc. etc., not to mention SRA and all thier top secret military operations.
    I really am working my way to a question. Actually two questions.
    Christian said the debt of the world is reflecting a spiritual truth and that the few elite who are benefiting from it are actually 100 to 1000 years advanced than what we see. Since they are using the time that they’re not putting technology out to further heap bondage & enslavement upon the people and earth…..why the astronomical technological advancement in the last century and especially the past 50 – 60 years?
    Also, Christian said she beleives that the economical system will be built, ran and operated by Kingdom Citizens, which I agree but is that referring to the Christians who have physically renounced their birth cert’s with their state government and their social security numbers with the federal government, (by doing so they are a freeman on the soil who are exempt from the governmental systems and are therefore DBA/trade through their strawman = (their name in all caps, their corporate name), not as their strawman? OR are you referring to all Christians who are within the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Yeshua?
    There is so much more to this like “Meritime Law” and “Lost at Sea”. There are people like judges, lawyers, some level’s of law enforcement who are aware of all of this and there’s actually no animocity toward the common people who are walking this renouncement thing out in a civil manner. There’s a window of escape in the Constitution that refers to a scripture in Duet.

  6. I forgot to add, thank you, such an awesome job with this podcast. You two are so adorable & dynamic with a beautiful, natural flow. Can’t wait for the next one!

  7. Grace and Peace Apostle Dan and Christian Duval

    I was blown away by the revelations you and Christians shared, on the cosmic soul trade NEVER HEARD ANYONE speak on the topic. In fact the majority of the topics you shared and testimony you have spoken are new insights that I have taken a great interested in learning and applying. On realms, timelines, hybrids, black technologies underwater bases, and off world bases. I am very interested in learning. You and Christian PLEASE continue to keep up the great work and may the GREAT GOD JEVOHAV bless and keep you and your family… D Armstrong

  8. This was an eye-opener Dan your wife is amazing she did such an awesome job I am a entrepreneur so I definitely will plug into her material—thank you for marrying her she’s awesome/How do we get free-I’m crying to the Lord to get me out of debt I have going to this payday places and I’m trading my paycheque every other week -I actually see the demons that are running these places—/help -What are some of the things I can do to renounce the things that I’ve traded in this system can you suggest some prayers

  9. Christian, I am so excited for the Christian Business Podcast! Thank you so much for all the information you shared and the insightful questions! I will definitely need to listen to this again and take copious notes. Wow there was definitely a connection to what you spoke about.
    Dan thank you so much for all that you shared and the depth of insight in what you said. Thank you for bringing the Christian Business Podcast to be a part of the podcast.

    Is Christian still offering her business class? I tried the {} link but it says the page is no longer active. I would like to subscribe to be on that list… thanks all!

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