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Introducing… Episode 6 of the Christian Business Podcast

This week on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval, you will enjoy the sixth episode of the Christian Business Podcast. Shae Bynes will discuss her journey from Corporate America to becoming a Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur. She will discuss the differences between operating a business for Jesus vs. operating a business with Jesus. This is a podcast you do not want to miss!

About our Guest:

After studying computer science in university, Shae began working at IBM as a software engineer along with her various side businesses. Shae Bynes has authored over 6 books on Kingdom business, hosts a podcast, and teaches several classes on the subject. And before Myspace came out, she had facilitated an online network for alumni of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU).

Shae lives in South Florida and has been married to the love of her life for over twenty years. Together they are loving parents of three girls: a 3-year old, 12-year-old, and a 19-year old college student.

Expect to hear Shae talk about:

  • The Kingdom driven entrepreneur shift to start a business
  • Grace over grind questions and answers
  • Hearing from God and knowing Him in a greater capacity
  • The goodness of God in her journey to revelation
  • A heart and ear for doing business God’s way
  • Kingdom-focused businesses will become in demand all over the world!

And so many more truths…

Truths from the Podcast:

  1. The Lord hears the plans of man and laughs (Psalms 2:4) … Sometimes God will make our gifts seem worthless, but He will use that time to see if we are willing to obey Him! Taking the time to apply the principles of the King of Kings and doing it with God and being in partnership with Him.
  2. At times, we go through boot camp with God to focus on who we are as His son or daughter. It’s a time to follow Him, hearing and heeding His voice. Being courageous to rely on and move according to His voice. It’s about will you respond to what God has called, said, and spoken over your life?
  3. The best part of life is living out your scroll because there is a grace over it. And Shae has an unapologetic focus to follow her assignment: “to inspire, teach, and mentor people to do business lead and empowered by God”. You can tap into secrets from a whole other realm. However, if you won’t tap into these things, it can be given to someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus!

About Discovering Truth:

Discovering Truth with Dan Duval is a weekly podcast that was launched in 2012. It began as an investigation into conspiracy, the developing New World Order, and subjects related to end-times Bible prophecy.

Over the years, it has evolved to include a strong outreach to survivors suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) due to satanic ritual abuse and government-sponsored mind control. This program also exposes the Illuminati from the inside out, featuring many testimonies of Illuminati defectors. In addition, there is a huge focus on the Kingdom of God, victorious living, inner healing, and deliverance.

New episodes are released every Thursday on our website, YouTube, BlogTalk Radio, iTunes, and many other websites.

More from Shae Bynes:

Shae offers a 6-month Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur mentoring program, where aspiring entrepreneurs are intentionally trained to do business God’s way.  You can find her resources at

More from Christian:

Find more information about Christian’s business school here:

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