Taking on Entities, Covens, and Ancestral Spirits and WINNING with Alex

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Visit us at www.brideministriesinternational.com! Alex is back on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval for a third round. In his first two appearances, Alex disclosed his testimony and how he got saved after a life of trauma, drug abuse, and occult activation. He also discussed his journey after coming to Jesus Christ and the difficult reality of how difficult overcoming drug addiction truly is. In this episode, he talks about the journey that he took to total freedom by working with Dan Duval. They get into the incredible spiritual conquests that it took to set Alex free and how Alex arrived at the end of his journey to freedom. You won’t want to miss this program!

3 thoughts on “Taking on Entities, Covens, and Ancestral Spirits and WINNING with Alex”

  1. This opened up yet more understanding…yet more questions. I have sooo much to learn. A beautiful ending!
    1.How do you minister the Bread of Life , Living Water & Oil of Annointing to an entity or spirit ?

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