Programmed by Freemasons Part 2 NDEs, Portals, and Sorcery feat Chaurisse

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Visit us at! This week’s podcast comes with a TRIGGER WARNING. Chaurisse is back and continuing her testimony of surviving programming through the Freemasonry lodge. This week she will go into near-death experiences and what she encountered on the other side. She will also talk about other specific events and the reality of what the kingdom of darkness is capable of. Chaurisse takes a mighty hammer to the false reality overlay that colors the perspective of large portions of the population, including the body of Christ. This program will shock and also inspire. Don’t miss it! If you have Freemasonry in your bloodline, then check out the book “Overcoming the False Verdicts of Freemasonry” below!


2 thoughts on “Programmed by Freemasons Part 2 NDEs, Portals, and Sorcery feat Chaurisse”

  1. Thank you Chaurisse for your incredible testimony. I am a survivor as well and understood and related to much of your testimony. Do you have a website? Thank you Dan for allowing others to come forward and share so we don’t all feel completely alone even if it feels that way. Blessings, C

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