Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth


This book is written for Christians that are looking to empower their prayer lives. It is also written for ministers, prayer coaches, and deliverance workers. It contains a broad range of prayers that will bless the lives of both young and old and cater to a variety of needs. It also contains powerful prayers that have been tailored to achieve breakthrough in the context of deliverance and inner healing ministry. Books are shipped within 2 days of an order.

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Prayer is a central part of the Christian faith. Everyone agrees that we should pray. The problem is that many of us are not trained in effective prayer. Many believers are disgruntled with prayer. They pray and then feel as though nothing happens. They open their mouths and don’t know what to say. They ask for help and find that their friends are also confused. What can we do?

Are you among those asking, “What should I say?” “Is God listening to me?” “How should I pray for my children, pets, or sleep?” Are the prayers you are saying having a major impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones, or are they bearing less fruit than you would like? Maybe you have seen great fruit in your prayer life. Maybe you are simply looking to take your prayer life further. Maybe you minister to others regularly, and you are looking for keys that will unlock a more powerful ministry. Regardless of your situation, this book will bless you!

Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth is a collection of inspired prayers developed to get results. The prayers written into this volume have been used to achieve breakthrough in many lives. The language in these prayers is based on the written Word of God and the mechanics of the spirit realm. The subjects covered in this volume are broad. This book includes prayers for the morning, the evening, the home, children, and pets. It includes powerful healing and deliverance prayers for use within a ministry context, and so much more. It is an extraordinary tool to empower your walk with God. If you are longing to see tremendous fruit from your prayer life, look no further.

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10 reviews for Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth

  1. Blessings

    We have been praying with this book for nearly two years and have seen radical breakthrough in almost every area of our lives from money to ministry. We are now on track with our assignment and debt free; a seeming impossibility just months ago. God is amazing and he gets all the glory. Thank you for helping us learn more about God’s ways and to pray what Jesus is praying. Freedom is sweet.

  2. L

    For years my wife would begin to have dreams about a certain person around the same time each year. It would be very frustrating for her to be continuously dreaming about this man. I decided we should use the “Freedom From Human Persecutors Prayer”. We prayed it right before bed. That night in her dream she recalled a memory from an event in which she blacked out. This guy was involved. She was able to move forward from it. She has never dreamed about that person since praying the prayer! The prayers in this book are anointed and powerful!

  3. Christian O’Campo (verified owner)

    These 2 books are a quantum leap advanced revelation and prayers which are definitely needed for the end time victory and advancement! Excellent Buys!!

  4. Denzel

    Ever since I first got this book, I’ve been using these prayers EVERYDAY. It has dramatically changed my life and how I view spiritual warfare. The Evening Prayer has definitely helped given me more peaceful nights. And I LOVE the Psalm 91 prayer. So beautiful. I use it almost everyday before going out into the world. This book is a definite MOST for new and seasoned believers. It’s time to take back the earth for the Kingdom y’all.

    Flame on!!

  5. Hester Nigrini

    Deep prayers. Use it every day for me and my families protection. Well done!!

  6. Jesse Downing

    I love it and it’s useful. I use it all the time, it has helped with so much in life. It is a really good book and I’d recommend it to anyone who wanting to go deeper.

  7. Tara

    Thus book has been so beneficial in my own personal prayer life as well as in my work and prayer ministry. I actually Chad a client wake up after his pacemaker failed. He woke up in CT scan as I was😁 praying the healing prayer! Thanks so much for this great resource of prayers.

  8. Rose McIntosh

    This is a whole new way to prayer, this book is a catalysis with the power we need to shake the kingdom of darkness and bring a whole new way to how to really prayer for changes

  9. Christina Velarde (verified owner)

    This book is my favorite.I use it every day. Thank you , Pastor Dan.

  10. Caleb (verified owner)

    Very useful resource. Have used several of the prayers in this book and they have been very useful.

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