Advanced Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth


This book is written for Christians that are looking to empower their prayer lives. It is also written for ministers, prayer coaches, and deliverance workers. It contains a broad range of prayers that will bless the lives of both young and old and cater to a variety of needs. It also contains powerful prayers that have been tailored to achieve a breakthrough in the context of deliverance and inner healing ministry.


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“…Dan Duval‘s Advanced Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth book is a vital tool…”

“…Daniel Duval unveils a masterful language…”

“….This book will become a useful and effective resource for any believer…”

“…I have personally talked to numerous people who have been tremendously helped…”

“…This volume belongs in the library of every minister…”

“…Dark forces recognize the power and accuracy of the commands…”

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At one time in my walk with God, the idea that prayers could yield instant and repeatable results felt like a fantasy. If a prayer was answered, everyone was happy that God moved. If a prayer had no impact, we were told it was for some greater purpose. Can you identify? I could too, but as I refused to settle, God met me at my point of need. As a result of a long journey with God to help people get set free, thousands of testimonies, and the tools found in my books, I have demonstrated to people around the world that prayer can be different. The missing key is often the right language applied properly to the mechanics of the spirit. This book is a book of advanced prayers that do just that. This is the sequel to Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth. Picking up where the former left off, it is the upgrade you have been waiting for.

Advanced Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth is not a teaching tool, but a collection of prayer resources. Furthermore, it is a sequel, meaning that this book is an addendum to Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth. This book is divided into three sections in order to help you navigate your way through it. You will find general prayers, ministry prayers, and prayers requiring activation. In the general prayers section, you will find prayers to connect with Jesus, to clear an atmosphere spiritually, and even to deal with spiritual devices and objects, among other things. In the ministry prayers section, you will find our territorial warfare prayer, which is a collection of 23 keys that have a tremendous impact when it comes to superimposing the government of Jesus Christ over a region. You will also find high-powered deliverance prayers capable of securing freedom from constellations, the kabbalah tree, walk-ins, and even the synthetic kingdoms.

In the prayers requiring activation section, you will find prayers that utilize the arche, the star, and the mountain, which are elements of our inheritance in Jesus Christ that many believers have never accessed before. It is advised that the user first complete the higher-level courses found at the BRIDE Ministries Institute ( before deploying these prayers in their ministry. These prayers allow for the destruction of evil spiritual realms, the unraveling of evil timelines, and even the correction of subquantum formulas and equations, among other high-level exploits.


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5 reviews for Advanced Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth

  1. Shellley

    I use this book daily. It’s been a huge blessing in my life and has been a life changer for me on my healing journey. Highly recommend!

  2. Dorothy Abbott (verified owner)

    The prayers in this book are powerful and life changing, we have used them many times in the Courts of Heaven , would really recommend this book to anyone who is needing healing.

  3. Allison Margaret Christopher

    I just purchased and received my copy of prayers that shake heaven and Earth I am also waiting for my advance copy this book is wonderful, Amazing and truly inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT. Thank you Dan GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

  4. Donna Neeper

    The precision of the particular language in the prayer templates and the quick, amazing, measurable results that manifest make this a valuable resource. I use it in ministry, and recommend it often to those to whom I minister. For me, this book keeps my mind expansive in my authority in prayer, and is motivational to keep focused on the work to bring freedom where bondage has been exposed.

  5. Caleb

    Very thorough and impactful prayer templates. These have helped my prayer life out a lot.

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