NASA Programming, Hybrids, and Mermaids with Hope

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Visit us at! This week on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval, Hope is back to discuss her NASA programming. Hope is a survivor of Illuminati programming with an incredible story, as she continues to overcome a history of abuse and unspeakable trauma due to the infinite power of Jesus Christ. She has been on the program before discussing other aspects of her story and exposing the Illuminati, and joins Dan to relay recently recovered memories. This program comes with a TRIGGER Warning, because there will be some graphic descriptions.

4 thoughts on “NASA Programming, Hybrids, and Mermaids with Hope”

  1. Terrie Lazarus

    It was probably the secret space program. Corey Goode was involved and is disclosing last few years with David Wilcock. Look up either name on you tube, or search it

  2. Hope, I have listened to all of your podcasts here and you are truly a hero in my world. Thank-you for sharing your story. You have opened my eyes to so much and your hope with Jesus comes through in how you share, it’s so powerful! I’m really excited to read your book(s)! Thank-you Hope.

  3. I was very interested in your story, I commend you for speaking out. My son and I were both victims of ritual abuse, but not near the extent yours was. But it all comes down to mind control, and the extent they will go to, to gain that control. And if satan can control your mind he can control you. My ex used to tell me, just try to tell someone what’s going on, they’ll put you away. Well I told others what was happing and I did get put away, but not for long. And like you, I say they can either believe it or not, but I know what happened and the things I saw. I applaud you for coming forward, because at least now verses back then people are more inclined to listen and believe. If it wasn’t for God I would not be here and of sound mind. The people that try to speak out, but do it in their own strength and not with God are the ones who in up in mental hospitals. Because they already have that control they will drive you insane so others won’t believe you. They tried so hard to get me to believe it was in my head, and I knew what had been done to me. I hope to learn more about you. Thank you

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