Miracles, the Ministry of Death, and the KGB with Benjamin Baruch

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This week on Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval we will get into it with author and Bible prophecy researcher Benjamin Baruch. In this program Benjamin gets into his testimony and some of the extraordinary things he has encountered in his walk with Jesus. Dan and Benjamin get into the mechanics behind the strangeness we sometimes see in the church, and question some commonly accepted perspectives with insider knowledge of the spirit realm. As if that isn’t enough they bring Russia, geopolitics and the KGB into the conversation. Don’t miss this fully loaded program!

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1 thought on “Miracles, the Ministry of Death, and the KGB with Benjamin Baruch”

  1. So he mentioned the revival at world revival church being false. So now im wondering …Does this mean the ” awakenings” and revivals happening all over the world are really demonic ? Like at bethel church, toronto blessing, the brownsville revival that happened. I mean tons of revivals were marked by such ecstatic shakings, laughings and manifestations that seemed very odd. What is your take on this Daniel?

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