Journeying with Jan Part 3 Voice to Skull, Beelzebub, and Church

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Check us out at! This week on Discovering Truth, Jan is back for round 3. As a survivor of satanic ritual abuse and government sponsored mind control projects, she is stepping forward to tell her story. In this interview she will break down a number of subjects. She will get into Sodium Amatol, and what it revealed about her background decades ago. She will also discuss realizing that she was used as a computer and what that meant for her deprogramming. She will get into voice to skull targeting, a showdown with Beelzebub, and talk at length about what has gone right and wrong on her journey to wholeness. This will be yet another exciting program!

2 thoughts on “Journeying with Jan Part 3 Voice to Skull, Beelzebub, and Church”

  1. I could really relate to your story Jan. Especially the part about Beelzabub. I was delivered from Beelzabub just a couple of weeks ago. I’m working with a counselor in Kay Tolman’s classes. Dan your whole explanation about anchor points is so true!
    I had the same reaction the first few times smuggly telling my counselor her deliverance prayer was ineffective. My alters were telling me he had a right to be there.

    In last week’s session Jesus showed me in the spirit realm the anchor point; the Kabbalah tree had been spiritual placed over my back. We broke all ties, covenants, oaths, etc. with the blood of Jesus

  2. Very very interesting interview. HOW DO YOU GET BEEZELBUB OUT?! My husband has identified as this before and I have a feeling he’s still there hiding.

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