Hidden Truths Surrounding the Birth of Jesus with Todd Edwards

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Visit us at www.bridemovement.com! This week on Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval, Todd Edwards joins Dan to discuss aspects about the story of the birth of Jesus that are not widely understood. He is one of the leaders at BRIDE Ministries and speaks periodically at the Fire Place Church and runs the bi-weekly BRIDE Ministries Bible study. In this episode, you will learn about who the Magi really were, and why the kingdom that they represented, which was Parthia, was far more significant than we were told. Todd will break down the types and shadows of the birth of Jesus, and provide infallible evidence that even his birth pointed to his role as Messiah. This will be an extremely insightful and exciting podcast that you will not want to miss!

2 thoughts on “Hidden Truths Surrounding the Birth of Jesus with Todd Edwards”

  1. I loved the part about Bethlehem, the place where the sheep were born… All of Jesus is so humble and pure. He is so awesome.

    I must be a part of the then Parthian empire, being an Indian. I have heard about the Lord’s disciple, Thomas, coming to India.

    My heart gets overwhelmed each time I learn a little more about my Lord and Saviour.

    Thank you Dan.

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