EXPOSING the Prince of Greece with Todd Weatherly

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Visit us at www.brideministriesinternational.com! Todd Weatherly is back on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval to release a recent revelation that has been securing breakthrough for many people. This program will unveil the operations and strategies of the Prince of Greece and how this powerful entity has worked to subdue belief systems around the world and lock people out of the supernatural power of God. This program is sure to be an encounter with the power of God that you will not want to miss. You can find Todd at www.fieldofdreams.org.au.

3 thoughts on “EXPOSING the Prince of Greece with Todd Weatherly”

  1. The spirit of Greek thinking is everywhere.
    Almost everyone I chat to seems to automatically think in philosophical terms. Drives me nuts.

  2. Tallinlane Tartus

    In western culture we don’t have much that explains the spiritual realm and therefore people are dealing with whatever there is in hidden world, not knowing what is possibly behind it. That’s how it ends up eating ice cream with nails, so to speak. In one hand, how would you talk about 5-dimensional object projected into 3D world, you will loose lots of its original contents. But in another hand, some things can be explained, at least what it means to us. Using this, we could build up a culture where more and more could be explained what is there in the spirit realm. Here I am pointing specifically out those experiences that are godly – how would those experiences explain some of the great things that could not sound logical for just one person that sees himself only through physical eyes but can be logical for the world as a whole.

    So, we need some new culture to explain more things in spirit world that are godly. Its interesting though how for example romanticism was dealing with something out there but yet had much of the influence of our emotions run by simple desires. Then later in symbolism, material things were stated as symbols of the spirit world. But then they unified angelic and demonic and again were influenced by something else rather than godly. In Russian symbolism they wanted to connect Christ and Antichrist, christian and pagan world. Stalinism (not long after that) was just connection of the opposites: enlightenment project and pure terror. Today in west we discover similar connection of the opposites in new age in a more soft way when they mix all religions but in history and symbolically this happened in church where absolute power was connected to seeking things out of this world. So throughout the history we see that as long as people are trying to get out from this tiny material world in their thinking, they are dealing with their own nature or the dark side and that does not allow to connect to something that has real quality behind it, that is godly. People seem always to be a bit naive if they touch invisible world and if they really seek for something higher then for some reason they have to bring the opposite with it.

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