Dan Duval on Gang-Stalking and Targeted Individuals

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  1. I totally agree that gangstalking is both earthly & of the spirit realm. For those of us who have experienced this type of harassment and are familiar with the things of the spirit – I say “Thank you” for presenting this information. This further confirms what I’ve already determined to be the truth in my own life.

    1. Thank you for this Dan. I’ve been gangstalked for the past 7 months, and it’s entirely changed my world. I went from being a business owner in New York with friends, money, apartment, car, you name it……I was an atheist. Months later I went to homeless, harassed and followed daily, continually having my devices hacked, fake billing accounts set up in my name, and more. Shortly after my stalking my began I started having supernatural experiences, I’ve been calling them psychic visions but these were stronger than visions, these things felt so real I could almost reach out and touch them. My most prominent one was a world globe I came upon while touring the Los Angeles Times building. It looked like any other large globe on display until I looked closer. This globe had a brass banner wrapped across it and on this banner every zodiac symbol had been etched into it. The base of the globe had more etchings. A person fully cloaked in gold, head to toe, sat on a throne. Around the Throne, people kneeled. Around his head, a halo with very religious symbol I could recognize. Below that etching another large banner read [and this is the only part I clearly remember reading] “The great legged beast rose” and damn if I had only had a pen and paper then. Point is, since the visions began my stalking increased dramatically. I have experienced things you only see in horror movies. It’s made me a believer that I may bee one of the 144 thousand in revelation. I struggle every day in this city, I sleep where I can but it’s apparent more and more I cannot trust those I call my friends, and for good reason after the background research I have done on them. It’s scary. I’ve had to go this alone without the help of friends and resources, and anything I was able to learn was granted wisdom by God. Please keep me in your prayers, I’m strong enough to handle this, but now and then I could use a good day, just one day where something good comes my way whatever that may be. Take care.

  2. It is spiritual 100%.. since I was 10 years old I would have sleep paralysis nearly every night I knew they were evil spirits attacking me ..and before I even found that targeting exists my life got so bad that I broke down and prayed..and he came and he touched me …I told a few ppl and it was brushed off …well after he came the sleep paralysis stopped now the demons have taken human form and the visit me 24/7. …I wasn’t crazy when I told ppl about the paralysis and the visit …but now I’m crazy when I say humans are visiting me…I’ve had literally miracles happen things that cant be explained I learned they hate the truth…so that’s all I do …I’ve abeen physically attacked by a demon that controled my brother’s body and 2other ppl that were also possessed.there body movements were not natural there eyes were glazed and there heads bobbed and weaved like creatures ..they were defeated something inside me told them you will not win this fight?after I said that they attacked… I did not have a scratch ..I felt power I’ve never had and they could not land a blow it was incredible..spiritually I am transforming in a way I can’t describe ..I am strong I know the truths and i know i have protection.. im reminded constantly ..i would not have adopted any spiritual guidance whatsoever but the evils presented itself to me first …there’s more to my life than I know and im intended for something great…something inside me says it won’t go on this way forever and I just go with my gut feeling …by going with my gut I’ve conquered every scenario plotted against me

  3. I am also a Targeted Individual. Why? Because my son and I were accidental witnesses to Fed. government crime. We were placed under a silence or death threat, which which ended my son’s life when he became old enough to lose his fear of these criminals. Since his death, I realised I no longer needed to remain silent, and after 2 failed attempts to murder me, I was instead placed in the Targeting/Torture Program. I have much go tell, but T.I. have a very broad program designed to neutralize us as individuals and witnesses. This is about pedophilia wrought by powerful individuals, well placed in gov’t, Security, and the agencies which were supposed to be civil servants. This i s a Spiritual battle with world powers, so please keep targeted individuals in your prayers, and please open up the dialog regarding us in your churches. We are the saints in persecution during these end times of Revelations. Thank you.

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