Coaching for Coping with SRA and DID with Dan Duval, Part 2: Self Ministry

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Are you a survivor of extensive trauma wondering what you can do to achieve self-ministry? Do you minister to individuals that have been through extensive trauma and often feel unequipped to give wise counsel? If your answer is yes, Dan Duval has recorded today’s program with you in mind. BRIDE Ministries understands that you are looking for solutions, and though you may be feeling overwhelmed, we want you to know there are things you can do today to assist in the advancement of your healing process.

Though it has its challenges, the key to effective self-ministry is pursuing a relationship with God as the centerpiece of all your endeavors. When seeking healing outside of this framework, it is still possible to make progress; however, Dan Duval explains that if you want to be truly efficient, everything should be linked to a vital relationship with the Creator and Maker of Heaven and earth, Jesus Christ. The Word of God, good teaching of His Word, and a place of worship are all tools that will move you forward in your healing journey. These are tools that you can employ at this very moment.

During this podcast, Dan Duval paints an intricate picture of people’s fragments for increased understanding on how engage with one’s fragments/alters during their healing journey (BRIDE Ministries understands dissociation as a coping mechanism that takes place during trauma. Depending upon the severity of trauma, people can dissociate into “parts” or “fragments”. These can be soul fragments, spirit fragments, or fragments that manifest as combinations of both).

There can be various challenges to connecting with parts for both the person and their coach or counselor. It is important to note that some of these human fragments have had their eyes opened to the spiritual realm; and in this realm, authority is recognized. Such fragments may feel unsafe to communicate, specifically if the person attempting to communicate has no means of setting that part free from bondage or oppression. In cases of occult-loyal fragments, in order for these parts to feel safe enough to communicate, they must be addressed by someone walking in true God-given authority.

Listen as Dan Duval offers available mechanisms that you can use to see real progress. The BRIDE Ministries prayer resources – specifically those on freedom from persecutors – were designed especially for the types of roadblocks a survivor may encounter. The wisdom and strategy exemplified in these prayers helps to prove that deliverances can take place quickly and effortlessly, especially when following close guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Dan Duval offers an insightful piece of information in relation to partnering with the Holy Spirit. He explains that sometimes, we as humans are not ready to accept or know important information. For example, how can the Holy Spirit speak to you about bondage occurring on a sixth dimension, if you only believe that three dimensions exist? The Holy Spirit would first have to explain what dimensions are and how they impact your life. This is similar to the relationships between people and their parts. A person may need significant revelation and information before they are able to understand their parts.

8 thoughts on “Coaching for Coping with SRA and DID with Dan Duval, Part 2: Self Ministry”

  1. Thank you, Daniel. You outlined some very tried and true psychological interventions that obviously have profound spiritual implications. We all should remember that the word “psyche” means soul.

  2. This series is so valubale for survivors. I see us coming here one by one , wounded from battle and grappling through the dirt. We pull ourselves closer so injured, so weary. Here we have found our safe harbor. This ministry is where we will will find rest. We will be made whole and be refined by the fire of God . We will be spiritually armed and given our marching order to victory.

    Praise Jesus !

  3. if i should know more about the parts and dimensions and other travelers before i can cope compassionately with my own parts, then what do you suggest we read. I did not realize that out there , there were so many types of other humans or sort of humans and i don’t how they impact me. thank you and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

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