Compassionate Deliverance and the Kabbalah Tree with Kay Tolman

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Visit us at! Kay Tolman joins Dan Duval again for an incredible interview. In this podcast, the focus moves to her ministry and the many things she has learned along the way. As the author of the book “Moved with Compassion,” Kay offers wisdom to deliverance ministers far and wide by revealing the heart of Jesus when it comes to this ministry. She breaks down why deliverance needs to done in a way that is as safe and edifying to those that are receiving it as possible. She also addresses pitfalls when it comes to the journey of processing emotions and articulates a road of redemption. Towards the end of the program, Kay and Dan open up on Kabbalah and how it relates to bondage and Satanic programming. This is a podcast you will not want to miss! You can find Kay at

2 thoughts on “Compassionate Deliverance and the Kabbalah Tree with Kay Tolman”

  1. Have you posted the prayer yet? Have been praying into this structure gor some time as well. Would love to learn what you have discovered!

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