All About Q Anon Part 3 with Dave Hayes

Prayer Audio:

There has been a flurry of activity around a person or team that goes only by the name Q or Q+ for much of the 2018 year. Posting on anonymous chat boards, Q has given a long series of coded messages that have sent many on a quest for truth. Dave Hayes has spent much of the year as a leading Q decoder, with hundreds of thousands of views on most of his decodes. He joins Dan Duval for a third installment on the developing Q saga. In this program they get into the midterms and what they mean in light of Q drops. They ask the question, “Can Q be trusted?” Dave also gets into the recent Sessions resignation and the Whitaker appointment, and what it may mean. Whether or not you are convinced of Q, you will certainly find this interview fascinating. Don’t miss it. You can visit Dave Hayes at

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