Visit us at! Blake K Healy is the director of the Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry and part of the leadership team at Bethel Atlanta Church. He travels to churches and conferences across the country to share his experiences of seeing in the spirit and teaches others about this spiritual gift. He is the author of The Veil and the book we’ll be focusing on today “Profound Good: See God Through the lens of his love”. In this week’s podcast, he breaks down the seer realm and gets into many testimonies of what he has seen and how it has helped him to understand God in profound ways. Don’t miss it!

4 thoughts on “The Seer Realm Broken Down and Explained with Blake Healy”

  1. Kandice Garrett

    This is helpful information. Our healing isn’t determined by how severe a wound is; our healing is determined by how much we let God in to heal it. In my own experience, I’ve noticed that being in the right atmosphere celebrates and accelerates God’s ways in my own life. A few years ago I took time out of my life to attend a Supernatural School of Ministry. During this time, God acted swiftly and revealed much. I began seeing who I was. I saw judges and Jesus in a courtroom and heard Him speak; He revealed to me there was a Council of God; I engaged with what I believe was an angel during worship that was so fascinating: this angel came to me in the form of a blue face with a body suit much like what I think of as the blue men. He performed acrobatic moves on my knees (I was laying down with my knees up) and when he dismounted he sat next to me to worship. It was so fun! All of this revealed during time in worship and the continued order of the day involving leadership and the others. I easily stepped into all that God was doing and had understanding contrary to prior experiences in the church. When God makes space in a place for us and we accept the invitation, the understanding gets grafted into our beings where we can more easily accept becoming who He made us to be. He has showed me to steward what He gives me and pay attention to what He is doing daily as I go about my life (actually one area I’m being corrected in now) so I can be trusted with more. There is so much God wants to do with us in the earth. I pray God gets all prohibitive devices off of us in Jesus’ name. Continue dialogue with God and keep looking for Him to show up. Encouraging message Blake and Dan. This validates things I have seen and did not attribute it to something God was doing. Thanks! xo

  2. Kandice Garrett

    One more thing… as I was praying for the persons listening to this podcast the Lord led me to pray open heavens over the cerebral cortex. He showed me this is a part of our bodies He designed to engage with heavenly things where an exchange of His glory occurs. And even now I pray we receive the Balm of Gilead I saw being smeared into our crevices in the cc. As this is not my usual modus operandi way of experiencing life around me, I wanted to share what the Lord showed me. Be it also unto me Lord, according to your word. Amen.

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