The Five Levels of Holiness with Arthur Burk

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What comes to mind when you think of the word “holiness”? Boringness? Legalism? For many people, there doesn’t seem to be very much excitement around the subject. Daniel Duval welcomes Arthur Burk, founder of Sapphire Leadership Group, to help lengthen and deepen your understanding of the concept of holiness.

Listen in as Arthur recalls feeling that holiness was something he could never achieve, and how, by the age of 40, he began to develop a renewed perception on much of his original theology by taking a fresh look at scripture. It was this fresh take that led him to see the concept of holiness in relation to a sequence of five things that were made holy by God throughout the Bible: time, land, community, birthright, and office. Arthur points out that this sequence, and the significance therein, completely revolutionized his approach to life.

Daniel Duval and Arthur Burk agree that while many can describe what holiness is not, they still have difficulty explaining what holiness is. Numerous Believers attach themselves to a lifeless Christianity that causes them to live like they’re walking on eggshells; always weary of what they can and cannot do. This often leads to a mentality of condemnation that invites false beliefs about self and others into the mind of the Believer. Life becomes very rigid for the Christian who sees everything as sin. In some churches, for example, holiness may mean you aren’t allowed to dance. What a bland place Heaven would be if dancing was not allowed! Tune in as Daniel Duval recounts how he has seen dancing from angels, and even Jesus.

To Arthur, holiness constitutes weaving together various principles in order to express the life of God that exists within those principles. He offers an example: imagine one family with obedient children, and another family that has taken a more complex approach by weaving together 20 different principles for parenting, instead of two or three. According to Arthur, the second family will have a richer spiritual ambience; a significant weaving together of compatible principles to create weight and substance. He also uses an example of a basketball vs an airplane. In order for an aircraft to take flight, there are many scientific concepts, rules and principles that must be combined. Bouncing a basketball, however, is much less complex. These ideas help paint a larger picture of holiness as being much more than just the absence of sin; Arthur calls it the skillful, wise weaving together of compatible principles in order for life to be robust instead of thin.

A holy life should not be bland or lackluster. On the contrary, it should provide us with a better understanding of what it means to live in God’s Kingdom. When we connect our human design with God’s divinity, we can extend our parameters to increasingly elevate, and expand our perceptions to identify with His. Walking in holiness should provide a larger avenue for the wonder that exists in Heaven to flourish in your life.

Listen as Daniel Duval and Arthur Burk expound upon this intricate perception of holiness, explaining how these concepts help us to understand and connect to the culture of heaven.

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