The Coming Great Awakening & Revival with Tim Bence

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Introducing… The Coming Great Awakening & Revival

This week on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval, we’re welcoming our friend, Timothy Bence! In this show, Tim Bence will encourage believers with a revelation of what is going on spiritually. He will introduce the idea that there is a spiritual, global flood and not a pandemic… we’re exposing a false narrative!

The body of Christ has to come up to another level of awakening and have God release blessing over themselves. This is going to be a powerful and revelatory episode of Discovering Truth with Dan Duval. Don’t miss it!

About Tim:

Tim is a mighty man of God and an international speaker. Daniel first met Tim Bence in January of 2013 and found incredible maturity in him. Tim is truly a man of God and one called to address deep things. He is a father in the faith.

Expect to hear Tim talk about:

  • An awakening to cast the religious spirit out of the churches
  • The Blood of Jesus and how fallen angels want to corrupt it
  • Fake News makes society fall short of God’s Glory
  • A flood of glory from Heaven, is the body of Christ ready?
  • March 11th and significant things announced at that time
  • The Noah story and it’s relation to this time in history
  • The remnant must come away to hide in His presence before a revival
  • A revival needs to happen in the church, with the presence of God
  • The wicked spell, the spirit of Belial over countless people
  • How to ask the trees for help against the virus
  • Every wicked government is under indictment by God now
  • Wuhan is one of the first Christianized cities in China

And so many more truths…

Truths from the Podcast:

  1. Strategy: How to get the awakening? – Start walking again in righteousness and let God clean you up. Get right with God, and you can move in power. God’s power in you will answer the foolishness of the world.
  2. “If we look at this as a global flood, instead of a pandemic, then what flooded around the earth was a false story. To make the whole mindset of the world wicked so that we would lose touch with how God thinks… there’s a race now to get a vaccine going. And I actually think that we actually are witnessing something very similar to what Noah probably witnessed. When there was an engineered rebellion to God, that deceived the massive amount of the population to make them desperately wicked. So that they would not respond to God when He said, ‘Come and let me rescue you.’” Tim Bence
  3. Keys scriptures from the show: Genesis 5:32-10:1, 1 Chronicles 16:22, Isaiah 59:19b, Exodus 34:33-34, 2 Chronicles 7:4, and Matthew 13:1-23.

About Discovering Truth:

Discovering Truth with Dan Duval is a weekly podcast that was launched in 2012. It began as an investigation into conspiracy, the developing New World Order, and subjects related to end-times Bible prophecy.

Over the years, it has evolved to include a strong outreach to survivors suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) due to satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and government-sponsored mind control. This program also exposes the Illuminati from the inside out, featuring many testimonies of Illuminati defectors. In addition, there is a huge focus on the Kingdom of God, victorious living, inner healing, and deliverance.

New episodes are released every Thursday on our websiteYouTubeBlogTalk RadioiTunes, and many other websites.

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2 thoughts on “The Coming Great Awakening & Revival with Tim Bence”

  1. My qualifications to reply to your belief this is a REAL “pandemic” are this…Im a nominal Christian at best. I walked away from “Churchianity” some time ago. But I can still somewhat critical think, I can still pray for God to give me ears to hear and eyes to see, and I can still use google while the internet remains up. Donald Trump TOLD us whats going on when he said “There has been an evil wicked SPELL thats been cast over 184 nations” Why would he say that ? unless he knows its a Kabbalah spell. When HE sent the 2 hospital ships Comfort and Mercy to the eastern and western sides of America…its not hard to realize…a Kabbalah spell was cast, with his permission. PLEASE check the death clock in Medina, no EXTRA deaths have actually happened. At least , the “sickness” is A COLD, at most , its a flu…the bodys way of cleansing us from all the heavy metals we breath, drink and eat. Im no biblical scholar either, however Jesus repeatedly says DO NOT BE DECEIVED…OVER AND OVER. Jesus says even the very ELECT will be deceived. Trump declared in 2018, FIRST the Gov will take peoples guns away SECOND decide if they are an enemy of America. In 2016 he said Vax were bad, now in 2020 he declared “the MILITARY will be sent to every stste and city to vax the citizens in a VERY POWERFUL WAY !” For how many years have medical researchers been “trying” to “cure” cancer, aids etc. etc. ? yet now in a few short months a “miracle” has happened and a vax has been developed to kill the mutating CV ? REALLY ?!?
    Donald Trumps son in law Jared Kushner who is brokering the “peace deals” in the Middle East and Ihis wife Ivanka Trump are Kabbalists. Jared Kushner isnt a real blood “Jew”, Netanyahu isnt a real blood “Jew”. One has to ask themself…Was Trump EVER for America ? Was Trump ever in charge of the USA , or was he sent in to numb and dumb “Christians” that support I fake Israel slaughtering who ever they want with US troops, in the name of Jesus ? (the Palestinians can trace their original roots back to the mothers of the Jewish people, and were some of the original first century “Christians”) Trump publically handed the country over to FEMA under the CV “emergency declaration”. Whos in charge of the USA…the U.N., the satanists, the illuminate, the pope, the fake Jews who call themselves Jews, but they are lairs, they are not real Jews but are from the “synagogue of satan “? How can anyone believe there will be a “political ” solution to a “moral” problem ? Were not in the book of Acts, were at the END of the Church Age. Deception is now rampant ! Bill Gates declared, CV WILL roll out again…next time, with MORE dire consequences, (will they POISON people and call it CV ? ) Bill gates cant manage to remove a “virus” from a computer…hes a eugenist. “They” (the Kabbalah) are manipulating peoples minds to ASK for the VAX ! God says “MY people PERISH for lack of knowledge” NOT because God doesnt give it, because we dont seek it ! I could go on and on, but I will stop at…please PRAY for understanding and revelation then google “AMERUCA land of the plumed serpent”, Google “Rods of God”…or not.

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