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This prayer is for the purpose of addressing spiritual objects as one may come across them in the course of deliverance or inner healing work. Spiritual objects can be hooks, gadgets, pieces of technology, implants, wires, computers, and more, that exist in the spiritual realm but interface with the physical body. In order to avoid lengthy battles and multiple prayer sessions in attempting to get these devices removed, this prayer provides incredibly effective language that will help you connect to your breakthrough in Jesus Christ!


Father in heaven, I come before you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and identity that there is a (description of what is being identified) device attached to (describe the area of the body) that needs to be removed. I speak that all of its power sources and backup power sources in every realm, age, timeline, dimension, frequency, vibration, planet, cosmos, constellation, and universe, past, present, and future to infinity, and from the beginning across eternity are being presently identified. I speak that they must be unplugged, ruined, and consumed in your holy fire now. I declare that every related document, covenant, contract, agreement, certificate, oath, or vow that exists to permit the maintenance of this device is now brought forth. I call them all stamped with the blood of Jesus, nailed to the cross of Jesus Christ, and burned with holy consuming fire. I identify all gates related to this device and declare that all pathways to the gates are severed by the sword of the Spirit. I call the gates put to sleep and permanently sealed off with the blood of Jesus. I also sabotage all cosmic regenerator and reinsertion devices and protocols, and call for the removal of every gate, frequency, barrier, equation, cloaking device, forcefield, sacred geometry, defensive protocol, formula, or DNA Matrix that would serve to protect that which is being addressed. I call in angels of the Lord that are equipped to remove the device. I cause a heavenly substance to be poured out that will identify to the angels all hidden wires, cables, chips, technologies, components and hidden things that would hinder prompt removal. I pray that you would have your angels remove the device and dismantle all related systems and portals in the name of Jesus. I declare that this is repeated for every backup program across all time, space, dimension, and reality, such that no reengagement protocol will be able to engage upon its removal. I pray, Lord Jesus, that you would shift and deactivate all markers and sequences in my person that would allow for a synthetically driven reinsertion of bondage. I speak life to all flesh attachments in the body and apply healing balm of Gilead, oil of anointing, and the stripes of Jesus to all interface points with the physical body. I call for living water to be poured out to cleanse all residues of the device and speak that the afflicted areas are now being flooded with your liquid love. I now pray that the demonic parties responsible for the insertion of this device would be judged and would receive a hundredfold return for the evil they have perpetrated against me. I release angels with the net of the Lord to apprehend anything that would try to re-attach and jump back into another place. I call for anything gathered into the net to be brought immediately into the courts of heaven to be judged for its actions. Thank you for the removal of this demonic device, and the justice that is being meted out in Jesus’ name. Amen.

27 thoughts on “Removal of Spiritual Objects Prayer”

          1. Hello Denita,

            You can find these prayer books on the shop page:


  1. Brother Dan Bless you we thank God for these wonderful anointed prayers
    May our God continue on a higher levels with you and your team

  2. Wow never seen or heard such prayers.powerful!!! I pray holy spirit would show me how to pray like this it’s been my desire.

    1. I have chips inserted deep in my left nostril, and a more advanced one in the hole in my throat (a dentist in Las Vegas).
      I was warned I was a Targeted Individual by a CEO of a company there. I’m 100% certain they’re Illuminati.
      The torture I endure is horrific; sleeplessness, heart attacks, induced visions, etc.
      Thank you for this prayer, I just am so incredibly desperate…there aren’t enough words.

    1. Mostly every time I spend in deep prayer, I am bothered and being annoid by objects, worms, moving blobs, last night it was a crawling child( i have a crawling grandchild now), bright lights, or something moving very fast right infront of my face. I immediatley bind it in Jesus name and ask Him to remove it, which He immediately does, before I proceed.
      I am unsure which prayer to use.
      I have done many many releasing prayers, deliverance prayers, bloodline curse and iniquities, etc…. due to family freemasonary.
      Any suggestions?

  3. Thank you for these prayers. I know it was the most high that led me to these prayers. For some months now, every time I start praying, I hear a knocking in my head. I can’t differentiate if it’s from my head, or in the roof. Now I know it is not my imagination from these prayers. May the most high continue to bless your ministry.

    1. I had so many spiritual objects inserted in me by a witch doctor my parents took me to. Almost every year upto when I was about 20years. I come from a royal family which is very deep into the occult and secret societies. I was initiated into various dark entities through my bloodline. I had two chains inserted into me, two life snails, millipede amongs other objects. I had been praying and the Lord helped me removed the chains and the snails, and others I can’t describe here. But the millipede and others are still there. I sometimes feel and see them with my physical eyes crowing around my body. In 2015 a group of occult members inserted another chip in the form of a crystal on my neck. I have been searching for help and the Lord let me here I believe.
      Thank you for the prayers! I have purchased the prayer book and have been praying them. But I am still desperately in need of a one on one coaching.

  4. 13th April 2020 10:47 a.m. I’m in Australia. Just prayed this prayer for a “Bracelet” that had been put on my right wrist, back in late 2018. Hope it works.

  5. I refuse to be a TI

    I am hoping for a good night of sleep.
    Be blessed you are a drink of cool water in a parched land.

  6. Thank you for using your gifts for the body of Christ. Prayers are so awesome. I say the morning prayer every day.

  7. Dawn La Madeleine

    Thank you! I am a TI due to brothers law suit whom they govt shot before trail to expose asbestors dumped, contaminated water and trying to get a meth lab shut down. Before the trial my brohter and the lady with the EPA samples were shot and killed.

  8. Amen

    While I was in my prayer chair earlier, I was aware of ticking that sounded like a watch ticking. I had heard it before and found no watch or clock when I searched. Today the ticking was so loud I searched again and found nothing!
    I decided it must be spiritual but since it was not ear ringing or humming, I tried this prayer. I know it worked as something tried to jump across to my right ear but was netted. The angels are still working on/in my left ear and on top of my head. It feels heavy and external now; it does not hurt but it does feel raw. Fascinating!
    Ian Clayton would say familiars, and I wonder how this ties in with Dr Ron Horner’s work. I’ve repented & renounced bloodline Mithraism, Roman Catholicism and Freemasonry. Once the false oaths of the 29th degree were overturned, God ruled that now my son and his daughters would know Him, while at the 33rd degree He ruled that now my mind could HOLD Truth not just embrace it! PTL.
    What a great adventure to Total Restoration Jesus has won for us and we are being graced to see “Your will being done, Father, on earth as in heaven!”
    Thank you, Dan Duval and BRIDE Ministries.

  9. Amen!

    I’ll need it on repeat! I pray all of those prayers will be audiobooks or audio formats in the website (maybe via a player). Just a thought. I am so elated that this prayer exists!

  10. Daniel as always your obedience to Jesus is allowing powerful prayers to heal my and many others lives to bring glory to Jesus Christ. I’ve been an active learner, starting with your podcast since 2016.
    Thank you. And of course praise to Jesus the creator of all that we are given stewardship over! Amen

  11. Wow – there were gadgets, pieces of technology and implants . Thank you for this amazing prayer ????

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