My Training to Become a Mother of Darkness in the Illuminati featuring Jane

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Visit us at! Jane is back on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval to go into further details on her story. She was chosen to replace her grandmother as a Mother of Darkness in the Illuminati. In this shocking episode, she gets into details about what her training involved. She talks openly regarding the human sacrifice, trafficking, and deep darkness that she witnessed as part of that world. TRIGGER WARNING: This episode will contain a few graphic descriptions. It is an episode you will not forget.

6 thoughts on “My Training to Become a Mother of Darkness in the Illuminati featuring Jane”

  1. Thank you for an insightful podcast. Is it possible, in the next podcast for Jane to give a bit more context regarding her family? For example; was her mother involved in any way or was she asleep at the wheel throughout this period? Was Jane’s grandmother born into the illuminati or initiated elsewhere? What was the long term impact on Jane’s siblings? What was their interpretation of Grandma’s behaviour? How were kids taken/donated to ritual sacrifices? Who is covering up so much death (sacrifices) and are they consciously or sub-consciously participating in their cover ups? Did Jane incur DID? It’s so amazing that Jane is alive and well. Praise God!

  2. Very interesting show.

    I’m not sure how it would be possible for Jane’s grandmother to fly her from the US to Germany, do a ritual and fly back from Germany to the US all in the time that her parents were at work? Even if she lived on the East Coast, it seems like a bit of a stretch to me. Not saying that Jane is lying but the timing seems difficult at best to me.

    1. Bob, near the end of the interview, Daniel asked her that exact question. She provided an answer to the question regarding the technology that was used to make that possible. I’d encourage you to review that part of the podcast to get your answer. Of course, we always leave it up to the listening audience to make up their own mind about a guest.

  3. To start, this was a great podcast. Can’t wait for the next one to drop.

    I’ve been following Dan for years but this series with Jane is by far the most intriguing. From the two interviews so far we’ve gotten a much better and clearer understanding of the Illuminati – atleast for me. However, there remain some unanswered mysteries and pertinent questions to be asked and I think Christie covered some of them.

    I’d like to hear more about this technology re traveling through portals. Why was a plane used instead of just walking through it from here to Germany. I imagined if they had the capability to bi-locate as well, why the need for a vehicle?

    Re matters of food contamination, I’d like greater detail and embellishment on the subject. Would love to get recommendations how to identify these foods. Is this contamination solely limited to GMO foods in the food industry?

    What are the other sectors and industries that are infiltrated that could affect or cause Christians and non-Christians alike to be manipulated for the goals of the organization? How pervasive is it in these areas? How to identify the manipulations?

    Certainly, the only organization that can disrupt, hinder and destroy the plans of Satan is the Church of Jesus Christ. I’d welcome info regarding church infiltration and how to identify the sleeper agents and cells. Jane was a trained warrior for Satan. Has she ever battled a stronger believer and if yes, how went it?

    From her wealth of experience as an ex soldier for Satan, I’d like for her to elaborate on the power of the believer in battle with the devil and his accomplices and why we lose at times? What are the strongest offensive and defensive weapons systems she has encountered with a Christian? How can these weapon systems be weakened to the point to where the believer becomes defeated, manipulated or destroyed? What are the different tools they employ? Has she ever faced off with an angel of God before?

    Given that she’s been exposed from such an early age and although our Master, Jesus Christ saved her, surely there must’ve been pervasive contamination throughout her realms ie body, soul and spirit. This observation is not far-fetched because she was a practitioner in the dark arts for some time – if not for the organization, the training with her grandmother per se would’ve polluted her realms.

    She mentioned briefly how she was able to extricate herself and start her life anew but more details on the subject would be welcomed. Furthermore, how does she manage to remain untouched by the organization? What are the tools she employ to keep the enemy at bay? Now that she’s out for good, what influence does her actions have on her younger siblings and other relatives? How do they relate to her now, for example her beloved smart uncle?

    Did she go or still going through deliverance from SRA? Was she assigned to a person for counseling or the Lord Jesus is doing it himself from time to time?

    Even if these questions are not answered, I’ll confess that my faith in the power of the resurrected Christ is even more boosted. She is indeed a remarkable human being – to have gone through that very wicked ordeal and remain full of life and well.
    The very manner in which she speaks – cool and collected, coupled with her laughter exudes confidence and strength.

    Only our precious Jesus could’ve occasioned such a beautiful transformation. Praise God!

    I pray she”ll continue to do a fine job as a Chaplin and I hope her public education of the dark side will get more traction, to the degree where her vast knowledge will be instrumental in the liberation of thousands who are currently slaves and victims of the fallen ones.

    My prayers are with Brides Ministries and all the victims of DID and SRA.

  4. Is there a 3rd interview with Jane? I have been dropped of a cliff and left hanging! Amazing interviews I want more!

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