Governance, Leadership, and Kingdom Systems with Bishop Hugh Smith

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Visit us at! This week on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval you will meet Bishop Hugh Smith who is both a friend and a mentor to Dan Duval. They get together to discuss what governance is, and how it relates to the stewardship of life, and also crack open leadership development along with the systems that God uses in his Kingdom. Bishop Hugh Smith is an is an Apostolic Father to many and an international speaker. He serves as a consultant to several pastors and leaders around the world. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Justice Network, a non-profit social justice organization and is a trained civil mediator who specializes in restorative justice practices. He is a member of the American International Christian Chaplain Association (A.I.C.C.A.), and serves on the executive board of Excel Village. He is the founder of the Diamond Leadership Academy which serves to grow leaders from the inside out by teaching them to understand mental models, quality advocacy and inquiry, and emotional intelligence. He is the senior pastor of Embassy Covenant Church. You can find him at

2 thoughts on “Governance, Leadership, and Kingdom Systems with Bishop Hugh Smith”

  1. like you said..awesome insight and wisdom….yes. would be nice if some big boys stood with/for some of us peons–lol…..brotherhood…..what a nice concept……it seems to me because im single/no kids…people don’t take me seriously…

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