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In the process of getting freedom in Christ Jesus, it can at times be necessary to separate from principalities and other types of fallen hosts in the heavens. Separating from a fallen angel’s influence is different than casting out low level demons. Heavenly powers interface with people, but do not typically “possess” or even desire to spend significant time in a human under their control. For this reason, getting free from heavenly powers is a slightly different process than casting out low level demons. While many people that deal with this level of bondage have Dissociative Identity Disorder, not all will. Depending on your awareness of your degree of brokenness, you can substitute the word “alter” for “every part of me”. The following 10 steps are a proven and all-inclusive approach to getting free from fallen heavenly hosts. Once the name of a heavenly power has been identified, begin at step one.


  1. Father in heaven I come before you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and I renounce ___________________ and serve (him/her) a bill of divorce. I pull up the hidden documents detailing every covenant, contract and oath entangling us and command that they be stamped with the blood of Jesus.
  2. In the name of Jesus, I pray that your heavenly hosts would be put on assignment to place every (alter/part in me) that is loyal to ________________ on temporary lock-down. I pray that those parts would be put to sleep.
  3. I now deed ____________________’s territory in me over to the kingdom of God and I invite you, Lord Jesus, to take the throne and begin to rule over this territory with your rod of iron.
  4. In the name of Jesus I now bind all gatekeepers and discover each and every portal access point belonging to _______________________, (his/her) realm and (his/her) inheritance.
  5. I place the blood of Jesus upon every portal access point and I seal them with the Holy Spirit. I declare that they are put to sleep and permanently deactivated from this day forward.
  6. I take the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God and I cut myself free from ___________________, (his/her) realm and (his/her) inheritance in Jesus’ name.
  7. I return every form of counterfeit inheritance inclusive of promised wealth, position, status, calling, ability, power, genetic code, seed, and any other form of counterfeit inheritance in Jesus’ name. I refuse it and sever myself from it and from this day forward I choose to receive my inheritance in Jesus Christ. I renounce all spirit children related to _________________ and undo all quantum entanglements involved in their creation. I command their judgment, and the purging of the realms they occupy by judgment through living water. I also reclaim every part of me that has been imprisoned by ______________________ or in (his/her) realm.
  8. I appeal to justice according to Galatians 6:7 which declares that as a man sows, so shall he reap. I pray that _____________________ would now reap a hundred fold return for all of the evil sown against me, my ancestors, and all whom I represent in the form of justice and judgment and wrath, arrows and lightning, hail stones, tsunamis of living water, and plundering by the armies of heaven, in Jesus’ name.
  9. I now take authority over every evil spirit on the inside of me and around me that has been operating under the authority of ___________________. I declare that you are discovered, apprehended, bound, pierced through, and thrust out of me for judgment. I declare that you are being sent to the abyss for failed assignment.
  10. Lastly, I pray that every spiritual object, tattoo, device, label, marker, power source, grid, or branding placed in or around every part of me by _______________ or those under (his/her) authority would be consumed in the holy fire of Jesus Christ and totally dissolved. Lord Jesus, I pray that you would cause ______________________’s memory to perish regarding every part of me and my seed. Amen.

Abridged List of Heavenly Powers




















Counterfeit Archangel Michael



































Queen of Heaven



Saint Germaine















35 thoughts on “Freedom from Principalities and Fallen Angels Prayer”

  1. Do Lamassu and Pazuzu fall under any of these God’s, or are they separate, and deserve a separate prayer on their own?

    1. Lexi those entities have a principality towards people, so if you spoil the goods and banish them from you and your state of affairs, you’ll see less fireworks and regroupings. Bind Down the realm dynamic of Lamassu and Pazuzu and cite “I make a Divine Restriction in the Realm of the spirt throughout all infinite, timelines and psychosocial harassment. May every lodge corridor, cumulative that has modeled mayhem be Ethereally Sealed Off from me, my family, my loved one, my statuses, my financial management services by the Blood of The Lamb. May every Quasi Quantum and Meta verse fractal be quantumly refrained from the diviner stances? May all my vitality and love be returned from the Kingdom Memory Chambers redeeming me from trauma and cycles of darkness, and any archetype of it from its origins. Shalom.

        1. A spirit of poverty can be defined as a demonic spirit empowered by iniquity and sin in the areas of giving and receiving. It operates generationally through iniquity, therefore it is a familiar (or family-line) spirit. This spirit is related to Belial, the destroyer, described in Psalm 18:4 and 2 Corinthians 6:15.



  3. U know I had copied this prayer and texted it to myself, when I read it again I thought it was to break any ties you might have with a person! So guess what I did? I prayed it with that purpose in mind!

  4. I so appreciate this prayer…thank you ?.
    Could you please describe what’s the character of these fallen angel names, some I recognize. So that I can be specific in prayer. Or if there a link.

  5. Irmtraut Maibach

    When I prayed this prayer I felt that I should put in the name of the principality “Mammon” because I constantly am under spiritual attack in the area of finances and job situation. Thank you for this great prayer. God bless you and your ministry!

  6. I used Satan as the fallen angel sense he’s the first one and the head one from which all the other fallen angels are under. Thanks for this prayer.

  7. Deborah M Fajardo

    8.17.20 My daughter & I were listening to this podcast and we knew that God was freeing us from addiction-to sugar. However I must add that so many distractions were around we had to push in hard and bind them up so we could proceed. At 2:30 AM 8.19.20 I woke up quoting scriptures with my arms raised. I was alarmed in my spirit so I got up and went towards the LR. I heard the most ungodly scream/growl I’ve ever heard. I went to the door and a creature was standing in the street 8ft from the curb directly in front of me. I went outside on my front porch as my cat was out there. He continued to scream at me while I engaged in Tongues Warfare. He wasn’t budging so I told him to leave in the name of Yeshua, he moved to the other curb (house is on a corner downtown G’town, Tx home of FM ghosts) this time he was trying to come on my property. But the angels prevailed and he went back to the other side of the street and cont screaming/growling. I went out to the yard bc now I knew it was a dark spirit in that animal. I picked up the water hose and used it as a whip to strike the ground while commanding it to go. It finally trotted off towards downtown. I don’t know what it was exactly; it had a very long bushy tail but very little body hair & very dark. Not a fox, wolf, or coyote that I’ve ever seen.It also had tall sharp ears.The eyes had no glint of light as most animals do at night.This encounter lasted about 15 minutes. And yes, my home has boundary lines in the spirit that are protected by 65yr old tree-elementals and angels on guard.

  8. Daniel, how do I identify the name of the fallen host? Or if I even have one? I’d like to incorporate this prayer in my life but I want to do it correctly. My life has been filled with poverty and sadness. I have a son whom I’m very proud and protective of, but we’ve endured a lot of trauma from his father who is now my ex husband. He’s very narcissistic and evil. He has enjoyed inflicting pain and traumatizing us for years and put us in an incredible state of poverty. He is a doctor and well off and has managed to escape the law that mandates ordered child support and left us homeless, without food or a way to survive. I’ve fought through this, built myself back up and now have a roof over our heads and food on the table. But just barely. I can’t get him to pay what he cheated us out of and I believe he’s paid off corrupt judges to always rule in his favor no matter how many charges of contempt are ruled against him. The area we live in is a well known area throughout the world- Silicon Valley. I believe the Deep State owns this area because I see their symbolism everywhere. They throw it in our faces. As I’ve come to learn, its a highly corrupt area. A new judge replaced the old judge in my case that seems honorable, but she was unable to incarcerate him because the governor of California won’t allow anyone to be incarcerated and wipes their bail to zero no matter how high its set or what the crime is. No matter what I do I can’t get justice and I can barely keep my head above water. If my son should fall ill, I’d have no way to pay for his treatment. He was sick last year and I still can’t pay the doctor bills. Please help me identify what fallen hosts are affecting my life so I can give my child a life without so much strife and loss. I really need to do this to set us free from so much evil around us. Please won’t you help share some tools to identify an evil host? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    1. As I read your message I started to pray for you in the spirit, in my prayer language. Are you and your son baptized in in holy spirit? Praying in the spirit strengthens you and grows your spirit. Entering into the heavenly realms by faith, through the cross under the blood of Jesus and ask Him what your situation is really about. Jesus always went to the Father for answers. I’m praying that if this seems too weird for you that God will give you a grid to be able to catch what He has for you to learn and grow.
      I think Bride Ministries prayers are great. I hope you and your son are doing better than when you wrote your post. God bless you and keep you.

    2. Jennifer Lynn Knuckles

      Hi! Can I tell you to start reclaiming your life! Get up everyday and throughout the day and do so. Also I declare Divine Health over your son, he will not get sick with even an allergy and I speak forgiveness over you and the father and rebuke the spirit of affliction! And the spirit of infirmity ! I reverse any curses back upon the sender and speak for all corrupt party’s to be exposed ! Your bills will be supernaturally taken care of ! I also speak peace over you and your son’s mind ! Refreshen, renewed and restored !!!!!! God bless you !!!

  9. Pearl Priscilla Wiggins

    Please Pastor Duval, what are the tips on how to find which ones they are because, I know that I’m not the only one but, I need a miracle? Help? It’s not just the obvious ones it’s mostly the not so obvious concerns me so much. I gratefully bought your 1st prayer but, it had gotten stolen unfortunately. I thank The Most High for y’all though ????????????!

  10. Thanks for this. I have prayed it. Holy Spirit showed me a few days ago and i have been researching to try understand what to pray. I actually prayed to cut myself off from the Double Eagle Prinicipality. I know something has happened. Wagner was Hitler’s favourite composer. When i was between the ages of 14-16 i was struggling with depression and i use to play a piece of music on the piano called Under the Double Eagle. I would pour myself into it, it was a march and i would weep while i played it. I would play it angry. Holy Spirit showed how part of my soul realm was in captivity. Really do not understand it all, but by faith i have prayed and more of my heart is now under the reign of the Kingdom of God. I look forward to the breakthrough. i tend to overthink things, and He has told me to get on and do the prayers, and trust Him to lead me. Hope this encourages someone else to just do it to. Just to add in my research i found a number of countries have the double eagle on their flag. Wagner was involved in witchcraft and his double eagle was Austria and Hungary. However, the symbol was first found in Hittite excavations and related to royalty. That is what i found.

  11. There was an extended list of principalities/fallen angels names attached a couple months ago that have been deleted from this page. Is it possible that you could e-mail that extended list to me? Recently, I have come under serious demonic attack/spiritual warfare because I have repented, renounced and turned from some sins I had previously committed. Some of the spirits trying to take residence in my house (me) since I repented I remember seeing the names on the extended list. It’s almost every night, God reveals to me in dreams when these spirits are trying to gain entry. I have been called by God to be a Watchman Prophet. All hell has been breaking loose in my life. When I asked God why this was happening to me, he told me I was “nesting,” which makes sense because for the past almost 2 months, I have repented and confessed sins of ancestors and even sins I had committed almost 40 years ago, but never actually repented for them. Prior to God telling me I was “nesting,” I had a dream of being 8 months pregnant and in the dream, I was running and being chased by a lot of people (familiar spirits). When I woke up out of this dream, God told me that I had everything I needed inside of me. I would REALLY appreciate if you would just agree with me in prayer that I don’t give up in this fight. Please, if you could, e-mail the extended list of principalities/fallen angels. Thanks so much.

  12. How can I find a prayer you have on “page 161” in some book, where you address getting rid of soul ties that I may have with every man I ever slept with, before I was saved.

    1. Hi Judi, I believe you are referring to the prayer: Ultimate Freedom from Human Persecutors in the Advanced Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth book. As you pray, you can refer to them as “known and unknown” sexual partners. Be blessed!

  13. Thank You Daniel and Team.
    Once again your prayer device equipped me address another cosmic matter. After I had selected the appropriate prayer and addressed the particular matter that emerged for me this week, I was shocked to then find the specific name of the dimension i needed to address in your list below of common topics below the prayer. I had never heard of the dimension before it popped up this week so to find it in your list was very reassuring that I was on the right track. Thanks

  14. There’s no mention of it but I just wanted to double check it’s ok to do this without a sealing off prayer? And if you don’t feel any different afterwards and are still manifesting at the name, is it likely it hasn’t worked? Should you feel a tangible shift? Also I have names of entities not on any of the lists I feel God has dropped into my spirit e.g. Chemosh, Asmodee… is it ok to try using the prayer with them?
    Thank you

    1. Hello Anita,

      You should seal the prayer, and if you believe other k=names are revealed to you, go ahead and add them. Also, you should know that deliverance with prayers isn’t a standalone subject when it comes to the Christian experience. Sometimes, there can be several blocks that take place, so sometimes doing the prayers with a trained minister will get you to that tangible shift. We recommend you visit our ministry page if you find you need more help:

  15. *Thank you very much for your reply but sorry I think Google auto filled my full name with the last comment (Anita Faluyi) without me realizing, if possible could you please edit it to A. or remove it?

  16. Hi great prayer, I was born again at 14yrs so did not get involved really with anything but I knew a fair amount of the family history so started off with Poseidon and Neptune because there are sailors in my family line, Queen of heaven because of Catholicism, Molech because of abortions performed I only recently learned about, Baphomet, death and Baal due to freemasonry my dad got involved to the 8th degree. Then a couple of days later I heard the Lord say clearly to me python. I had a dream when we left our last fellowship of a giant python trying to take us out as we left the church grounds. So I looked up the principality that it falls under and tackled Apollyon and had my husband do the prayer for that one as well. I also have just done this morning Leviathan, you should add him to your list as you have his pal Behemoth listed. One of the things Leviathan does is it tries to block people from entering the presence of God/ glory realm. I am involved in worship as a singer and I want no impediment to my gifting or flowing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

    Nothing dramatic has happened but I do recognize a clearer clarity in my mind/thinking and a greater level of peace within myself. I also feel more motivated towards positive Godly things.

  17. God gave a dream to my friend. She saw her mother being brutally attacked by a man that looked like their neighbor, but somehow slivered like a snake into their garden and began attacking her mother with an ax. She heard the word “plakok” or smith. similar shouted out.

    A few days after that her mother got really sick. Her fever was dangerously high.

    I did not think more about that name, but God put it on my heart that this is the same spirit, or rather a principality, that is attacking so many people at this time. He has his many minions who do many different jobs and we usually fight those little demons, but when God gives us the name of the principality we can take him down with his minions.

    So, we began to research what this name means. We found that

    bplàk in the Thai language means: muddy place; mud puddle; mire

    kôk in the Thai language means: [to be] bent; deformed

    kòk (a bit different pronunciation) in Thai means also: territory; region; district

    This principality is sent to thwart the plans of God, to keep us stuck in the mud, not able to move on …but we can take him down!

  18. I had a very vivid dream/experience that was an intense spiritual attack. I woke up and documented it, and was aware of the name of the Spirit. Its name was Alphon. Never had that kind of revelation in my life. It was a dark and oppressive spirit and manifested itself when I was in my kitchen trying to turn my lights on, in my dream. Curious if anyone has run across this name/spirit before?

  19. My husband grouped these by 1) babylonian powers 2) egyptian powers 3) greek powers 4) roman powers and 5) satanic powers. He said he felt lighter after praying them. Thanks!

  20. Hello I wanted to leave a testimony here of Gods amazing mighty power! I prayed this two days ago and last night there was a thunder storm in my area. As soon as the lightening started to hit and I heard the thunder I felt the Holy Spirit in my body begun to increase and it was like he became a searing white light against the spirits in my body. It was actually quite uncomfortable, because the spirits were in pain and have not wanted to let go of me, but the lord told me to continue to focus on him and not identify with their pain. He said that he was attacking the principalities in the heavens that were over the lesser spirits in me and destroying strongholds through the lighting! It was a very powerful experience and I know the Lord moved mightily and I just wanted to share this amazing testimony. Your prayers are on point and favored thank you so much!

  21. My son, at age 16, remembered an encounter with a demonic presence standing at the doorway of his room at age 4. He described it in detail, saying he didn’t know how to describe it until now (12 years later!!!). It was a harrowing description that scared me to even hear it, so I get why he couldn’t describe it until now!!

    We had just moved into this rental house and had prayed over their room, prior to putting them in it, putting a bloodline over doorposts and windows sealing the room with the blood of Jesus and asking Holy Spirit to fill the room, blocking any demonic access. I’ve done enough warfare to know to do that much. He said the thing he saw standing at his doorway never came in because he stayed up watching it for a long while. It intimidated and scared him pretty bad, but never touched him nor his baby brother.

    After telling a sister in Christ about this, who is very familiar with this ministry and your prayers, she suggested, 1. That he ask Holy Spirit for the name of the entity, and 2. That we use this prayer to get freedom from its assignment on our family line. The plan is to do so today.

    My son, a very prophetic young man, said the name he kept hearing was Naphrael. A quick Google search produced nothing on that name. My sister in Christ said it was a fallen angel/elohim, given its name. Do y’all have any information on that? It’s not on your lists (even the extended one).

  22. Hi. what name would i use to deal with spirit spouses? Also what prayers on this site can be used to deal with ancestral alters?

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