Exposing Kabbalah Part 3 – Kabbalah Creation Myth Continued

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Since many believers do not even know what Kabbalah is, they neither know what its beliefs are nor how to identify where its influence has poisoned the waters in the body of Christ. Kabbalah teaches an esoteric template for man and creation known as the kabbalah tree. Kabbalah as it is understood today is derived from its source in Jewish Mysticism. It is a source of revelation for students of the deep occult. Thus, we are going to learn why Kabbalah, at its core, is a doctrine of demons and a revealing of the government of Lucifer.

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  1. Tallinlane Tartus

    Jesus came also to make us able to love. So then it will be established in human heart what was not there before or was lost. The one who is able to love and is living according to it is fulfilling also the law. This is general formula. The more you are having time with Jesus the more you will receive all that quality spiritual stuff into your life. I would say it will be applied in a different way than religious spirits (or mindsets, you name it) want to portray. For example there is no need to push person to live right. The sharp compassion from God (words are not always good to describe) can make the change with ease. There is no such thing as the fear of God as we probably would understand. It’s more like a very intensive understanding of certain situations with very intensive compassion that will bring not fear but something else but it will still be powerful. Even if someone does something wrong and has intense warning about it from God then the person can like the warning because of how this information is given. Because we are dealing with something with very different quality than we might have in our understanding.

    Yet I am not saying that we are completely out of what is godly in our lives or culture. It will depend much of what the culture was dealing with even before we were born – what kind of people did try to answer what kind of questions and what did they understand, what kind of discussions are there going on in kitchens, what is shown in cinemas, written in books and what goes on in literary critisism. Its more about the building blocks of our consciousness. You can use information about something that is working and that is not wrong about your mind, sould etc.. Then the supernatural experience is not contradicting your previous life experience.

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