Visit us at! Welcome to 2020. It’s the New Year, and Dan Duval begins the podcast with a slew of updates as the platform of BRIDE Ministries International continues to expand. The Exposing Kabbalah message was preached last year at the BRIDE Ministries Church as a 12 part series. Due to the popularity and demand for that series, this year Dan Duval will be releasing one message from that series every month for the duration of the year. You will learn why Kabbalah is the government of Lucifer and why its influences are something to steer clear of as a believer in Jesus Christ. There has been an excessive amount of infiltration in the body of Christ by Kabbalah, and you need to know how to spot it. Don’t miss this podcast, and enjoy the journey as this subject gets revisited throughout the year! Get the whole series now at

2 thoughts on “Exposing Kabbalah Part 1 – What is Kabbalah?”

  1. Beelinda Fetingis

    Is there anywhere we can get the whole series without waiting a year??? That is a long time to get set free from this evil!!!!

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