Advanced Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth with Dan Duval

Prayer Audio:

Visit us at! This week on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval get ready for a deep dive into an exposure of the Rothschild Banking system. Who are the Rothschilds and where do they come from? Why do they claim to be Jewish? How far does their influence spread? What can be done about their agenda? To take things to the next level, Dan Duval will also spend some time breaking down realm thinking, and how prayer resources that engage this type of thinking have more power and capacity to get massive things shifted in short periods of time. The program concludes with a prayer for freedom from the Rothschild banking system realm and grids. This is a very fast-paced program you may need to listen to multiple times. Don’t miss it!

4 thoughts on “Advanced Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth with Dan Duval”

  1. This was 100% INSPIRATIONAL! After hearing the podcast, I’m even more lit up about this new book than I was before. YES!

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