Instruksies: Om Jesus as ons persoonlike Verlosser en Saligmaker, te kies, moet ons glo dat Hy die enigste Seun van God is. Hy het aarde toe gekom, deur Sy geboorte van ‘n maagd, as
Father God, I come before you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I engage my finder and map the timelines, time wheels, time loops, ages, realms, dimensions, planets, people, places, land, computers, laboratories,
I engage with my arche and establish it over my children. I call my arche charged with the names of God: Jehovah-Jireh, Jehovah-Rapha, Jehovah-Shammah, Jehovah-Nissi, Jehovah-Tsidkenu, Jehovah-Makkedesh, Jehovah-Ra’ah, Jehovah-Shalom, Jehovah-Gibbowr, Jehovah-Elohim, Jehovah-Sabaoth, Jehovah-Issuwz, Jehovah-Hoseenu,
Hay algo muy especial en orar por la mañana. La oración funciona en todo momento del día, pero hay algo muy poderoso en la oración de la mañana. Las oraciones habladas en la mañana
In today’s world, the argument that abortion should remain legal because it is the women’s right to choose has opened the door to an epidemic. Each year hundreds of thousands of children are slaughtered in abortion
Cuando se trata de la liberación a nivel de superficie, utilizo un proceso simple de 5 pasos para liberar a las personas. Estos cinco pasos son 1.) Confesar, 2.) Arrepentirse, 3.) Renunciar, 4.) Atar
Grids are quantum networks of energy pathways intersecting at nodal points (each nodal point being its own realm) and performing functions related to the iniquity that undergirds them and the powers of darkness that
Father in heaven, I come before you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and I renounce fear of the coronavirus and all connected evil agendas and serve them a bill of divorce. I
There are millions of people around the world that suffer from ringing in the ears. It has a number of sources that can vary from one person to the next. Thus, it also does
God commands us to pray for our leaders. This can mean leaders in our community, leaders in the body of Christ, or leaders over our nation; leaders targeted by witchcraft and all types of